3 Interior Design Ideas Using Coffered Ceiling

Interior design isn’t just about what you can do with the walls, it’s also what you can do with the ceiling. All too often homeowners focus so much on wall design that the ceiling is neglected or, at best, painted a neutral shade and left alone.

You can give your home’s interior a completely different look by installing a custom coffered ceiling. On this infographic below, Jason Tilton of Fanatic Finish demonstrates what every homeowner should know about coffered ceilings.

Despite having an air of luxury surrounding it, the cost of coffered ceiling designs is surprisingly affordable considering what an impact it makes. Here are 3 ways you can use change up your home’s interior with a coffered ceiling.

Go Bold with Contrasting Shades

Painting the ceiling a contrasting shade to the walls is a dramatic use of color, made even more eye-catching when a coffered ceiling is in place. Some of the most popular color pairings are black and white, dark brown and white, ivory and aqua blue, dark yellow and brown, dark gray and turquoise, and bright yellow and slate gray. Keep in mind that the darker the ceiling the lower or shorter the walls will seem.

Stay Fresh with Matching All-White Scheme

White ceilings might be common when going for a contrast, but another great option is going white on both the ceiling and the walls. This is a very fresh, modern look that is especially attractive in kitchens or bathrooms. Keep the cabinets and other decor lighter shades and you’ll have a seamless, clean look.

Use the Ceiling to Showcase Statement Decor

Coffered ceilings don’t also have to be the centerpiece. If you have a beautiful chandelier or pendant lamp you want to showcase, a coffered ceiling will be the perfect backdrop. Large artwork can also be placed hire on the wall, closer to the ceiling, to really bring the eye upwards.

Coffered ceilings are surprisingly versatile when it comes to interior design trends. Despite being associated with historical buildings, you can achieve traditional as well as very modern design schemes with a perfectly painted coffered ceiling.

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