5 Considerations When Building Out An Office

Those who work in office space have to be given a lot of help to be successful. A poor buildout could leave an office space feeling distracting, costing the company countless amounts of money from loss of work. Fortunately, a good buildout can have the opposite effect, allowing employees to get their work done as quickly as possible.

If your company has an office buildout and you’re not sure what it will need: these are five items to keep in mind.

1. A Layout That Helps Workers Focus

The layout of your office will change how your workers act in it. Although there have been many arguments about choosing an open floor plan or going for cubicles, the numbers don’t lie. Most employees prefer cubicles because they feel like they won’t be distracted as easily.

With an open layout that allows for shared desks and facial visibility at all times, employees spend more time caring about their physical appearance and get distracted far more easily. Instead of an employee getting off task or having their focus interrupted every time someone stands up or coughs near them: consider the privacy of closed-off cubicles.

Ensure that there’s plenty of room for employees to walk around. Not only is this important for the employees getting to their desks, but for supervisors and managers, they must have easy access to the workers without having to navigate a maze of seats and desks.

2. The Lighting And Windows

Natural lighting is better for mental and physical health than artificial lighting, but it can become another distraction if the sunlight gets too bright. Northern-facing walls are the perfect place to build windows because they get the least amount of light and instead get diffused lighting that’s far less likely to cause a glare.

Large windows on the northern wall can allow employees to enjoy natural lighting without squinting against it. In addition, you can enlarge window cutouts, or put new ones in, easily if you decide to go this path.

The artificial lighting you put in should also have vision and distractibility in mind. Although it’s easy to go with a dimmer switch, so the lights can be as bright or as dull as you want them, many instead go for smart lights that adjust themselves throughout the day. This reduces the use of the lights and saves a lot of money on electricity bills. This also ensures that your employee’s circadian rhythm stays constant throughout their day so that they’re alert when they arrive at work in the morning.

3. Furniture and Storage

“A good buildout keeps the furniture in mind. This means from the break room to the storage closets; you should be able to build a clear view of what the office will look like. If you create intelligently, then your employees will be able to naturally go from working to using their break and back again without having to be too distracted still when they arrive back at their desk.” – Chuck Waltman, remodeling contractor.

Storage is vital for any company, regardless of whether you’re selling out of this location or not. Corporate offices need storage for everything from IT’s computer needs to paper and files for general everyday use. Consider how much storage each area of your company will need, and create a space where they can find these items. Plenty of shelving is a great choice, along with a built-in table or desk in most storage rooms in case something needs to be worked on in there.

4. Meeting Spaces and Private Offices

Private offices and meeting rooms have a different feeling than the general work floor. The materials in these areas tend to be a little more expensive and throughout, which makes sense since the managers and supervisors will complete their work.

Don’t be afraid to change things up and allow for better materials that are eye-catching for clients and comfortable for those using these private offices.

5. Noise Reduction

A vital need for most businesses is noise reduction. There are many ways to stop audio from getting in and distracting people, but the audio inside also matters.

Start with good insulation. The right insulation will stop noise in its tracks and ensure that your employees aren’t paying attention to outside traffic. Indoors, it would help if you also tried to fight against noise by putting in sound-canceling panels around desks and noise-canceling ceiling tiles above. The fewer noises: the fewer distractions.

An Office Buildout Changes Everything

The right office buildout can take a company to another level of success. Although it can feel like a lot to undertake, by doing each step correctly and planning carefully, you can make an office that’s distraction free while still being comfortable and healthy for your employees.