How to Transform Your Living Room with a Replacement Window

Of all the windows in your home, your living room window is probably the most important for the looks and environment of the whole house. Living rooms are the central family spot for gatherings, as well as where memories are made. Whether it is parties, family game nights, hosting groups, reading, relaxing, sleepovers, or any number of other life-boosting activities, living rooms are the space to host that.

Older homes typically have windows that are dated, and potentially drafty. With newer technology available, these windows can be replaced with a masterpiece that will create a warm inviting feel, with plenty of light.

When choosing a replacement window for your living room window, keep in mind these helpful suggestions:

  • Find ways put in a larger window. This may involve widening the space through adjusting the jamb. Jambs are the vertical sides of your window opening.(1) Widening in a traditional wood-framed built house may involve extending further out to the next stud on both sides, and reinforcing the jambs through added material. You will need to check with a construction specialist or engineer just in case doing this would compromise the load-bearing capacity of those studs. Window replacement installers can usually handle all of this for you.

    Increase the height of the window (how tall it is) by expanding the distance between the window sills. Window sills are the horizontal edges of a window (top and bottom). This is easier to do than width, as it may not need any changes to the studs. This will allow for a taller window, still letting in more light.

    Best yet, consider putting in a window that is both taller and wider. It will let the maximum amount of light in and totally transform the focal point in your living room

  • Install a thick-framed window. With a thinner glass face, and thicker frames, your new window could have an impressive look often associated with custom and fine homes. Thick frames have more insulation, and simply look better. They convey strength and well-built construction.
  • Install a replacement window with LoE coatings. These special glass coatings have all kinds of benefits. From reducing UV rays that damage your living room furniture, to reducing glare, to preventing energy transfer and making your home more comfortable for each season, LoE glass coatings are a huge step up from older windows that you may currently have. They will create a more comfortable living room, while the slight hues will give your home a rich look.
  • Consider all window functions. While it is nice to have an operable window like a sliding or hung window in your living room, the two panels can obstruct the views. We recommend for your main living room window to have unobstructed views. And other nearby windows can be operable for ventilation. That is the best formula for style, balanced with function in a home.

Once you have in mind these suggestions for choosing the right kind of window, you then need to actually get it installed. While you can hire a handyman, laborer, carpenter, or general contractor to install windows, it is best to stick with window and door companies. They know how to do proper construction for larger windows, and often have custom sizes available for you. They will handle the design, permits, installation, and follow-up service as well.

Once you are done installing your new window, enjoy it. Bask in its sun. Build family memories in the light, views and warmth it creates.

About the Author
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