GrandCentral, Paris / Ferrier Marchetti Studio

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Ferrier Marchetti Studio hascompleted a mixed-use scheme adjacent to Saint-Lazare station,consisting of retail, restaurants, and workspace,alongside an auditorium, hanging gardens,rooftop terrace and public promenade. Emerging from the heart of Paris’bustling metropolitan centre, Grand Central Saint-Lazare represents one of the most complex new projects to be built in central Paris over the last decade.

In development since 2013 for The Carlyle Group,Grand Central Saint-Lazare is a flagship project for Paris-based practice Ferrier Marchetti Studio,situated beside one of thebusiest urban infrastructure hubs in Europe.Drawing inspiration from Gare Saint-Lazare’s extraordinary heritage as the first railway station in France,and its presence within the impressionist paintings of Claude Monet,the project is designed to reshape the district’s dense urban environment, and reconnect visitors to the spirit of Paris.

The project is part restoration, part rehabilitation of a significant protected Haussmann building, with the addition of a contemporary 20,000 m2 structure, reaching up to seven- storeys. Thes triking contemporary intervention is characterised by adelicately tinted glass grid façade, rising above peri style lower floors.

The building is organised around an auditorium over hung by hanging gardens, reimagining the district as a fertile urban landscape, and calm city retreat. Permeable fore court and peri style featureentrance lobbies open the building up at streetlevel, and lead to the entrance hall, restaurants and shops within. Above ground floor, the commercial space is innovative and flexible, with a façade grid and ceiling frame structure allowing for multiple configurations. Straddling the entire building is a public promenade, 2,000 m2 of terraces and a green roof that will be used for agricultural purposes, including environmental workshops and learning sessions for thebuilding’s 2,000 occupants.

The design of thenew building is directly inspired by the chromatic palette of Monet’s Gare Saint-Lazarepaintings,and Ferrier Marchetti Studio has in fused the contemporary façade with colour,light and history. Its angled glass surfaces subtly reflect the shifting skies and differing qualities of light throughout theday, creating a relaxing ambience to counter the activity of the station- which over 100 million passengers pass through a year-offering travelers new aspects,and experiences of the space.

Onthe station side of thebuilding, GrandCentral’s façade reflects the historic glass roof of the adjacent French National Heritagesite, sensitively shaping itself within the context of this iconic architecture. Ontherued’Amsterdam side,the elevations of softly coloured glass interweave with the building, andthe original Haussmann architecture.