Ten Tasks For Exterior Home Repair That You Can Never Ignore

Wise people often say that it is what is on the inside that matters. However, even though it is right for people, it is not entirely correct for houses. Maintaining the exteriors of the house is as critical as taking care of the inside of your home. We often focus so much on the interior décor, furnishing, setting that we tend to neglect the external structure’s needs. But it would help if you remembered that when it comes to selling a house or judging its worth, the buyers will look over everything. A tattered or shabby outlook is going to give out a hideous impression, and this is why we advise you to give attention to the outside of your house as well.

If you wish to extend the life of your house, then exterior maintenance is essential. With proper sustenance, you can save your home from factors that may deplete it fast, such as decay, rot, pests, etc. It would help if you kept these in check all-year-round and added a home warranty plan to help cover some of these costs..

Here we have built a list of the ten most fundamental exterior home repair tasks that you should never ignore. This list is not exhaustive, so you should keep your eyes open for any repair and maintenance the house may require other than these.

Roof Maintenance:

When you have a spoilt roof, you also increase the risks of ruining your interiors. If you do not take care of mold and moisture, they may seep into the house’s interiors as well. It would be best if you kept inspecting the roof for sagging, decay, damaged shingles, etc. In case your roof needs repairs or replacement, you can consider hiring experts such as guaranteed roofing.

Trimming The Greenery:

Trees, bushes, and grass may add immensely to your house exteriors, but only if they get appropriately kept and well-maintained. Overgrown shrubs and bushes also fall over the exterior and pose a risk of damaging it. They also ruin the aesthetics and look unattractive.

Maintain The Front Door:

Your main door is also going to deplete over time and show signs of cracks and damage. You should inspect for any signs of depletion, and if any, repair them. Also, please keep the house doors clean and get them polished to give a neat look.

Repair The Sidings:

Sidings may often develop mildew growth and start rotting and cracking. These need instant attention to prevent your house from any significant damage. You should timely repair and paint them, or in case the damage is extensive, get a replacement.

Refurnish Windows:

Window frames, made out of wood, may show signs of peeling and cracking. The paint may blister over the period, and they may require repairs. You can choose to fill the cracks if they are negligible, but you may need to consider refurbishing the whole window frame if they are extensive.

Look For Pest Infestations:

Every so often, you should inspect your house for any pest infestation, such as termites. Such pests multiply rapidly and will damage your home to a great extent. In case you trace any signs of an infestation such as wood decay, call up the experts immediately who will take care of the rest. Termites survive on wood and can also eat up metal sidings. Therefore, you should keep a vigilant check over the foundation of the house.

Repaint The Exteriors:

The wall paint of your house exteriors or interiors adds up massively to the overall outlook. You must maintain a spotless wall paint for your house since chipping, or broken color looks unpleasant. If you have the resources, you can opt for a full house color revamp, but if you are short on cash, then coating chipping areas is also a viable choice.

Concrete Cracks:

Concrete often wears down over the period resulting in cracks and gaps. Keeping a continuous check on your concrete will help you spot any repairs as soon as they occur. It will help you with repairs since the job will not require many resources. You can patch the crack with some caulk or compound. However, if you neglect the breaks and expand, you may need experts to fill them in for you. Broken concrete, apart from looking unattractive, also poses safety hazards.

Tidy The Air Conditioner Unit:

Your Air Conditioner unit is an exterior attachment, which means that it will collect dust and debris over it. You should periodically inspect the unit and tidy it up. Cleaning the AC unit is essential since it also affects the operational quality of the appliance.

Inspect the Stairs and Railings:

Your guests may come in direct contact with your stairs and railings. A decaying or rotting structure will give out an awful impression. It is also dangerous since rails provide support, and in case they are decaying, they will become frail. That is why you must keep a check on the stairs and railings’ framing and provide repairs wherever possible.


Neglecting the house’s exteriors is something we are all guilty of, and besides, what stays out of sight stays out of mind, right? However, it would help if you remembered that a house’s exteriors are as important as the interiors. They also add immense value to your home’s resale value, and an unkempt house exterior will reduce the house’s worth. Remember to periodically inspect your house in detail and repair any damage as soon as you discover it.