Follow this Checklist before Moving your Office

Does moving your office seem like too humongous a task? We understand how intimidating it can get to move your office to a new location. There are several responsibilities to take care of and multiple errands to run. However, you can execute this multi-step job if you plan properly and start the work at least six months before moving out.

Besides, you can engage your employees to help you with moving. Divide the tasks among your employees and communicate with them effectively for a smooth relocation. Remember, a stress-free moving process must be on the top of your list. Hereunder is a concise and highly useful checklist for you to follow before moving your office:

1. Straighten Out the Strategy

Get in touch with the companies which have moved their offices recently. You can benefit from their relocation experience. Moreover, look at your current lease, know your budget, set the moving date, decide the time for all other work, book the storage units in Carrollton TX if you are in Texas, or may rent any other storage unit in your area to help you move smoothly.

2. Gather a Team

You know your employees the best, so select a small team to help you move while letting the other employees focus on the office work.

3. Notify Everyone

Notify all employees firstly – janitors, peons, guards, and all other workers – about the office’s relocation. Also, inform your clients and the landlord as well as any partners or affiliates.

4. Hire an Interior Designer

You should hire an office interior designer and spend time with him/her to design your new workplace. With the designer’s help, select the floor boarding, paints, and furniture, etc. for your new office.

5. Go Shopping for the New Office

Once the initial interior design is ready, go shopping with some of the employees to buy the furniture and equipment needed for your new office space.

6. Wake the IT Department Up

Your new office must have Wi-Fi and the setup to install computers as soon as you relocate to the new place. Therefore, engage the IT department to ensure the smooth installation of all the setup.

7. Pack. Pack. Pack.

While packing the office supplies, make sure to tag and label all your supplies, so you do not lose anything and move and set in an organized way. Furthermore, ask your employees to pack their belongings individually and put a tag on them too.

8. Update the Office Address

Google, your bank, clients, affiliates, official website, and social media – all need an update on your new office address. So, don’t forget to do this important task as soon as your new workplace is operational.

9. Take Care of Access Cards and Parking Tickets

Make a list of employees with all sorts of access cards and parking passes so that you can deactivate them on time and make sure that each employee has new office ID cards, access cards, and parking passes for the new workplace.

10. Visit your New Office before Moving

Entirely relying upon your moving team of the office is not recommended. Therefore, a couple of days before the moving date, you should visit the new office yourself. Go and check everything painstakingly. Troubleshoot all major to minor issues then and there before relocating your employees.

11. Back-Up all Data

Right before you move in, make a back-up of all the data stored in your computers and other devices. It is an essential step to ensure that you, in no way, lose any crucial data in the moving process.


Once you have moved to your new office, you should celebrate it with your employees and also your family. Since this must have been a tough process, give your employees an extra holiday over the weekend. Let them enjoy a long weekend at home to gear up for work at the new place.