Adding Value to the House through Kitchen Renovation

What is that place called where you fill your tummy with the most delicious food? That’s right; it is called a kitchen. This place is no less than a magic land where the raw ingredients combine and form a tasty meal. Kitchens are the heart of every home. Just like the way food makes its way to our soul from our stomach! We all love to chow down on a delicious chicken leg, but do we wonder about the place it’s made? No? Then we should!

How a place looks like affects the way we feel about it and the tasks we do there. Just like a house should look like one, a kitchen should look like a kitchen too. We feel more enthusiastic and happier in doing tasks at a place that brings peace to our eyes by their aesthetics.

An aesthetically designed kitchen makes cooking more exciting and pleasing. With the right choice of cutlery and the right designs, your kitchen would be fantastic as a 5star restaurant.
If we look at it psychologically, aesthetics please our senses and help us motivate towards completing the tasks, especially household chores. A kitchen that has a cramped shabby look makes us feel less excited about going there and cooking for hours. Since we spend enough time in cooking up a splendid meal, our kitchen should look inviting enough.

Whether the kitchen is large or small, its design plays a critical factor in determining the house’s value. When buying a home or remodeling it, the kitchen, being the abode’s heart, adds instant value, it makes sense to buy a second hand kitchen instead. While not always true, taking out a personal or home improvement loan can actually make a lot of sense if the loan is used to add further value. Plus, you get the added benefit of boosting your credit score when it’s paid off.

Here are a few ideas and services you can avail to renovate your kitchen, adding value to your humble abode!

Choose Professional Designers

First and foremost, search for professionals who would remodel your kitchen with their mesmerizing designs and services, and you can hire them from A professional company would satisfy your needs and guide you appropriately on what would be best for your kitchen. They will help you in selecting the right materials and their sizes and be transparent about all charges.

After this, you can start on what transformations you want to make for your kitchen to look like a chef’s dream.

Add an Island

Besides providing more space while working, an island also adds beauty to your kitchenette. No matter what size of your kitchen is, an island can enhance your kitchen’s value immediately. It not only provides adequate storage space but also becomes a dining area or an open-plan living space. You can customize your island by adding storage shelves and customizable drawers to save more and store smartly!

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

How many items does a kitchen even have one? We do not have an answer to that. There are endless necessities in the kitchen. Hence the need for extra storage space is always there. But wouldn’t it look strange, storing things in temporary storage? It is where the floor to ceiling storage jumps in. It is a smart way to store your kitchen valuables without falling out of the place. All it needs is a touch of style from time to time and some cleaning, and you’re good to go! Storage cupboards running from the floor to the wall-length are an excellent strategy to reduce the cramped-in look. This storage style makes the kitchen look spacious, even if it is a small, humble sized one.

Revamp Your Benchtops

They are the first things you see, why not put in extra effort to make it look WOW? Benchtops have to endure a lot of beating throughout the years. Installing a durable material that is heat, water, stain-resistant, and easy to clean is a goal. But in addition to that goal, benchtops being stylish are a bonus. Pick a material that checks all categories, and you won’t have to fuss about it becoming scruffy. Choosing a luxurious and resilient material like quartz or granite, is a great choice. Whatever material you want, be sure that it is hard-wearing. You can fork out a few extra bucks for your benchtop. However, if your budget is tight, try going for laminate as it is durable and cheaper than the other options. Other than that, it is stylish too, which adds the cherry on top.

Pick Colors Cleverly

Color combination is an essential factor in almost every single thing. If you thought your wardrobe and rooms are the only things where the mixture is significant, then you are wrong. Open your eyes and see the real world of colors; your kitchen! Yes, your kitchen is a beautiful place of colors. It is like an artist’s canvas, which he can paint to his liking. No, not the food, but the interior design of the kitchen. The matching cupboards and drawers, the right cutlery, the fitting appliances, the walls, everything should look harmonized with every item. If you love funky bright colors, you can go for matching various colors to complement one another. You could also go for neutral colors such as grey and white or grey and black or beige alone. These colors are evergreen and are likely to live long since they add a sophisticated touch pleasing to the eye.

Invest in Appliances

When renovating your kitchen, do not forget to upgrade your appliances too. As they complete the kitchen’s entire look, make sure the tools complement your newly styled kitchen. Renovation takes an abundant amount of your precious time. Hence, upgrading your appliances comes in handy as the latest technology can do almost everything, saving you hours while cooking. Also, they complete your remodeled kitchen’s stylish look. So invest in appliances that are from the same series and brand for a synchronized appearance.

Ingenious Lighting System

Invest smartly in the lighting scheme of the kitchen. Bright or soft yellow lights add a good look and make it trouble-free to work. If you have an island, you can choose different lighting for it to set the mood accordingly. If it is family time or date night, you can select your lighting from bright to soft. The decoration is essential but don’t overlook the crucial parts which will help you while cooking. Add lights, especially above the stove or kitchen benches. The position of lights matters the most; you don’t want your own shadow over your cutting board while chopping away! Position the lights facing you instead of behind you so you can see what you are doing. Install downlights, pendant lights, or cabinet lights on separate circuits so it’ll be easier to adjust and control the atmosphere.

Trendy Wallpapers

The kitchen walls are as important as the rest of the walls in your house. Trends keep coming and going with time. From beige, white grey, and numerous other neutral colors, people have been splashing paints around and picking what looks best. Instead of following the usual looks, people go for their designs. They can be funky colors or intricately designed wallpapers. Whichever matches the kitchen, goes with it. A bonus on wallpapers is that they are easy to clean. Just a wipe and all the grime is gone!


A kitchen is a chef’s or a homemaker’s comfort zone. Someone who loves cooking would want to have their kitchen look like an expensive restaurant’s spacious and luxurious kitchenette. Hence selecting the right designs for your kitchen can step-up the remodeling game. It is all the mastery of one’s mind’s creativity and how they combine various things for a fantastic combo.