8 Essential Utilities You Must Install In Your Home

Home is where the heart is. You don’t need to have the biggest or the most luxurious house to be able to make it feel homely. A house becomes a home when it provides you with all the basic comforts and facilities. It becomes a home when it is the place that offers you the maximum relaxation. Being at home puts your mind and body at rest. You are completely yourself at home in your true form. All these things are possible without having to spend millions to get the most desirable home. All you have to do is to install the most basic and essential utilities required for you. Once you take care of your basic needs, your mind can be put elsewhere at either relaxing or working. There are countless utilities and features that come together to provide you the comfort a home promises. Let’s have a look at a few of the most vital utilities that you must have at your house.

Mesh doors

Mesh doors are basically doors made of a layer of mesh encased in a frame of a door. The mesh is usually made of steel or aluminum while the frame is wooden, aluminum, or vinyl. The reason companies now use aluminum or vinyl instead of the traditional wooden frames is because aluminum and vinyl are much cheaper and their cost of maintenance is almost zero. Wood is quite expensive and it takes a lot to maintain wood before and after-sales. The mesh doors play a vital role in keeping the insects out while you open the main doors for cross ventilation inside your house. So this is the reason why mesh doors are mostly installed on the exits and not inside the house.

Automated garage door

An automated garage door might seem like an idea planted by a lethargic person but its beauty and utility can only be experienced once you start to use it. You mostly have to get out of the car to open the garage door then park your car inside whereas you could have easily pressed a button while sitting inside the car and the garage door would open by itself. Many companies install automated garage doors now at cheap prices. This type of utility should always be installed in your home.

Powered gates

Just like automated garage doors, powered gates are also underrated and looked down upon. Since some believe that getting a powered gate is a mark of laziness when in actuality it saves you time and energy which can be utilized somewhere else. People actually hire guards to do this job when they can easily get a powered gate installed in their homes. You can get the gates to swing open even when you are a few blocks away so that you won’t have to wait at all. Most such gates are powered by the electricity grid of the house but some new ones are even powered by a large battery.

Solar Geysers

Solar energy is the answer to a lot of problems on a global scale starting with global warming. Solar energy is the ideal solution to replace burning fossil fuel where we could have simply harnessed some energy from the sun. It is true that solar technology isn’t a cheap option, so getting your whole power grid dependent on solar power might cost a lot. So, instead of putting the whole load of the house on solar power, powering some select appliances like geysers and light bulbs will save you a lot on the electricity bill.

Diesel Generator

Probably one of the most interesting discoveries was that of the diesel generator. No matter where you live you always experience power cuts from time to time. Your house needs electricity to provide you the comfort a home promises. So at the time of a power cut, a diesel generator usually kicks in to provide backup electricity to the house till the time the power cut is lifted. It can provide power to many essential appliances in your house but you need to be careful about overloading. You can see more on diesel generators and learn about the different load capacities of different diesel generators. You should have the knowledge about what you can and can not use on a diesel generator.

LED Bulbs

Lighting is a major aspect of a house and you might sometimes get carried away with selecting the lights for your house. You might end up buying huge chandeliers and fancy designers light frames for your house to get the desired look. The problem does not lie in the design or size of the frames and chandeliers but the bulbs that these things use. Filament bulbs are still much in use all over the world even though they are considered outdated and non-environment friendly. They have been replaced by LED bulbs that consume a fraction of the electricity, provide an equal amount of light, last way longer, and dissipate an almost negligible amount of heat compared to the filament bulb.

Central Air Conditioning

Window air conditioners and split air conditioners are still being widely used even though it is known that central air conditioning is a much cheaper and environmentally friendlier option if installed correctly. Central air conditioning sends conditioned air from the main source to all parts of the house through air ducts which ultimately uses less energy on the whole.

Gas Connection

Gas cylinders are the traditional form of getting gas to your home for cooking and other purposes. Even though gas cylinders are equally efficient to gas connections, if used carefully, there are still a lot of risks involved. Gas cylinders are basically just compressed cans of natural gas that are just ready to explode like a bomb. Using a gas connection is much safer and greatly decreases the risks of leakages and wastage.

Getting the right utilities for your house is as important as getting a house in the first place. Without the right utilities, your house might never feel like home to you. You might never be able to experience the comfort provided by the different features and utilities of a house working together in harmony to provide you an experience that a home should. Going through the aforementioned list of utilities might just provide you with the key to a perfect home.