The Heart Of Business Bay, Dubai / SIE Consultants

The Heart of Business Bay is a mixed-use development with multiple uses that adapts to the needs of its surroundings. SIE Consultants designed the mixed-use and retail spaces fusing living, working, dining and shopping into an experience that pulls people in.

As a fundamental component, the visual appeal and layout of this project are critically important to its architectural design. Strategically combined multi-family and commercial buildings are effective in the spatial planning of this project.

The key feature of the site location is the waterfront and its prominence to this is fundamental to the design.

From the moment visitors arrive at the retail component development, they can see all retail centers and therefore have a clear shopping pathway, ultimately enhanced by the backdrop of the waterfront.

Our space planning approach for the retail areas optimizes efficiency and allows for ease of connection with all back of house areas and loading zones.

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GFA: 313,150 sqm
BUA: 217,800 sqm
Units: 1,550
Hotels: 300