CASA VA / by BAC Barrio Arquitectura Ciudad


The proposal seize and multiplies the distribution of the existing building, frees walls to generate spatial fluidity and unify the premises programme. “The encounter” is the key characteristic of this single-family home project for a couple with two daughters.


On plan the connection between interior and exterior is achieved through a simple materials palette, the entrance hall goes into the dining room and from the patio the slate stone comes in to form part of the living room furniture. In section the house is organized around a triple-height central space wrapped by the run of the staircase.


Something fundamental in BAC projects is the use of the rooftops as an essential part of the design. In this one, in addition to the extension of the volume to be used as paint workshop, the levels set shape a couple of terraces that are integrated by using the hexagon as a module in different materials.

To the outside a sober as well as discreet façade leaves merely at sight the simple reading of volumes and materials.

Project name: CASA VA
Architecturaldesign: BAC Barrio Arquitectura Ciudad
Arq. Luis Manuel Ochoa
Arq. Juan Carlos Ramos
Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México
Year: 2017
Collaboratorsorothercredits: Rubén Luna, Luis Chávez, Omar Murillo, Tania Chávez
Superficie: 365 m2
Photography: Cesar Béjar Studio

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