Home Trends For 2020

Home Trends For 2020

Every year new home trends come rolling out. These trends are either totally new, having never been seen before, or they are new decor styles that are rooted in traditional looks that have been around for a long time, just with a modern twist. Such looks would be things like types of windows, flooring, the use of a barn door in the house, etc.

The trends in home decor for 2019 were extremely popular and really made the house flow. However, as we come to the end of 2019, there are new trends coming out that will get your home ready for 2020 so it is beautiful and up-to-date as we enter the new year. Follow the tips below to bring your home decor into 2020 with you.

Concept of Lagom

Lagom is an old Swedish concept that has actually been around for a long time but is becoming more commonly known here in the states this year. This concept means that you bring your physical and spiritual self into a total balance, and this concept flows right into the home. Lagom in the home means that you have neither too much stuff nor too little in a minimalistic way. Lagom is a perfect balance between everything in the home so you are neither too crowded nor too bare.

Mixing up textures

Bringing more texture into the home was a big trend throughout 2019. As we go into the next year, we see that textures are still a big thing. The difference we will see is that there is going to be a push for mixing up different textures in one space. Getting different textured pillows for the couches or beds, things on the wall, etc. Consider blending together textures like leather, cotton, and wool to get the desired textured elements in your home and make it look more beautiful than ever.

The more open the better

Everyone knows that in the last few years there has been a huge push to open up the home and make everything flow together as seamlessly as possible. However, 2020 shows a push towards getting rid of more walls than ever. The more spaces that can be shared so that they flow from one space to another, the better. If you need walls or doors to an area, it is suggested that you use sliding or glass doors or walls as much as possible in order to create the illusion of being fully open.

Turning cement into home decor

In 2019, home decor specialists started using cement to make things like side tables or plate holders. These were small accents that made a statement but could really tie a room together—all made completely out of cement. The trend to use concrete as a home decor material gained a lot of ground and became exceedingly popular which is why it is being pushed to be used as an everyday solution in all the spaces of the house. It is great as a flooring option, for counters, tables, and even wall tiles. Not only does concrete look great when it is finished, but it is very easy to maintain and resistant to whatever life may throw at it.

Open cabinets instead of closed

Traditionally, cabinets in kitchens, closets, bathrooms, etc., have doors on them to hide what is behind them. However, there is a huge trend starting to happen that shows cabinets without doors on them. This sounds like it can end up making your space look cluttered, but if done correctly and styled right, it can actually make your space look more open and beautifully styled with minimal effort.

Black colors are making a comeback in the kitchen

If you are looking to make a bold statement in your house, one way to do this is to let go of fear and try out matt black in your home, particularly on your cabinets in the kitchen. Using black on your cabinets in your kitchen and have a stone backsplash, paint, and appliances that contrast them completely will give you a spectacular end look that you will love!
The new home trends for 2020 do not have to be huge and drastic. Following just a few of the above tips will give your home a facelift and get it ready to move into 2020 along with your new year.