The Practical Art of Land-Based Casinos

© Javier Callejas

Human nature is split into two halves. Just like two brain hemispheres, humans have the tendency to latch onto practicalities, all the while nurturing the propensity for art.

When it comes to casinos, the line that defines art and practicality is blurred. The entire point of such venues lies in the urge to enable entertainment, and you would think that for that you only need a building. However, architecture as one of the branches of art is essentially the mélange of art and science, so it has grown out of the conventions of formal art.

Inside and Out

Architectural masterpieces are scattered across the world, and many of them are, in fact, casinos.The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of land-based casinos is certainly Las Vegas.

The city is the cradle of gambling, as many of the biggest and most popular casinos were born right there. However, most opulent venues are not exactly all based there. They can be found all around the world from Las Vegas to China.

The first example of an architectural masterpiece is the Casino la Seyne, situated in the South of France. This sleek modern building is situated between the marina and the newly opened public park, and its goal is to completely adjust to its environment. Before the building was built, the entire area was inhabited with dockyards, shipyards, and warehouses. The design follows the concept of grand, vast spaces that are, geometrically speaking, simple, and recreate the impression of a marina, all the while being unmistakably modern through the presence of full glass walls on the front of the building.

Another masterpiece is in China, or more precisely, Macau.

Macau is the modern epicenter of casino entertainment, where this form of entertainment is currently blossoming. The firm favorite is The Venetian, which with its 546,000 square feet is the biggest land-based casino in the world right now. It is much bigger than its sister casino The Venetian Las Vegas, and it is divided into four themed gaming areas. The architects responsible for the realization of this enormous project were HKS Inc. and Aedas, a prominent architectural firm whose previous works include Sands Macau and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands is the integrated resort in Marina Bay, Singapore. The grand building is designed as three separate towers connected at the base and at the top. The most prominent feature is the three-acre atrium better known as SkyPark on the top of the building. Each tower is wider at the base, and as you go up, the structure narrows.

The construction was certainly a challenge, but in the end, the entire idea was beautifully executed – and the price was not exactly small. Namely, when it was opened, it was credited as the most expensive casino property whose construction cost €8 billion. The main architect said that the inspiration for the design came from card decks.

Both internally and externally, these venues represent themodern aesthetic at its best.

The Blend of Art and Efficiency

First impressions matter. The first time that you see something, the rules of attraction define whether you like it or not. For some places, that first moment is everything.

The best examples of this are the casinos. In the past, the most important thing inside a gaming hall was the presence of gaming content, but today that concept is taken to a whole different level.

The reason is very simple. The aesthetic value can be applied only when the performance and technicality reach the highest level. And that is exactly what happened to our society. The technology has advanced so much that we do not need to worry about performance as much as we had to before, so we are free to focus on the aesthetics.

Casinos are a perfect mélange of visual appeal and technical mastery. Here is how: customers that visit land-based casinos come for the abundant offer of content and games but stay for the entire experience. The full authenticity of the experience is achieved by the inclusion of innovative design that is visually appealing to the visitors of the venue.

Even the players that play from the comfort of their homes are not deprived of the rich opulence of the casino experience. With the introduction of live gaming, the player of some of the leading live dealer establishments, in fact, able to experience the authentic splendor that was previously only restricted to brick-and-mortar casinos.

Moreover, these establishments will deploy native dealers that will address you in a number of languages which only enhances the ambience. As a result, this way you get to travel the world and see different surroundings without ever leaving the comfort of your home.