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Archive for July, 2019

Cyrus Tang Foundation Center in Suzhou, China / by UAD

As the headquarters of Cyrus Tang Foundation (CTF) in mainland China, the project is a complex which integrates multiple functional spaces, including the foundation’s offices, a museum for displaying various gifts that the foundation has received, and spaces for holding exchange activities with its college members, including exhibitions, conferences, and training, etc.

Cichy House / by TOPROJEKT

The fairly long plot lies in the North-South direction parallel to the motorway A1 at a distance of about 100 m, this makes the site vulnerable to noise from the highway.

Startup Solutions – 5 Ways The Virtual Office Benefits A New Business

Depending on the industry, starting a new business can be an absolutely staggering enterprise. There are just so many things that you need to take care of and it is nearly impossible to do it all alone. For the entrepreneur who is just starting out, you will need some help to give you an advantage over your competition.

An Architectural Masterclass or a Project that was a Huge Gamble?

Ever thought about designing a casino and being able to build what will become a multi-million-dollar empire? Imagine you have all the tools and free reign as a designer, how will it look, will there be a core theme, color scheme, perhaps a philosophy? There have been many concepts put forward, inviting modern, futuristic and old-age designs, though of the many, lots, no matter how beautiful, still remain on paper. There are some, however, which have won-over owners and have become the most daring, complex and inspiring developments that house within them a world of casino entertainment.

Maison Muse, An Art Gallery Cinema in 4 Zones / by Alexander Wong

Shanghai is one of the most dynamic cities in the world and has always set the benchmark for the most fashionable lifestyle in China. In its own unique way, the city is the epitome of an international metropolis filled with glamour as well as drama. On another level, Shanghai is also the original birthplace of Cinematic Art in China, this provides the city a special position irreplaceable within the history and development of Chinese Cinema. In this uniquely rich context steeped in meaning and history, Shanghai Film Corporation (SFC) has launched their top cineplex called “MAISON MUSE by Shanghai Film” as one of their iconic flagship in the city for movie lovers as well as the movie industry players that gravitate towards Shanghai. The goal here is to create a unique branding for Shanghai Film with this concept of “MAISON MUSE” that will be uniquely artistic, international and contemporary at the same time.