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Archive for June, 2019

Announcing the Winners of the 2019 AZ Awards

The results of Azure’s ninth annual AZ Awards competition are in! At a gala celebration at Toronto’s iconic Evergreen Brick Works, attended by winners and finalists who flew in from as far away as Mexico, Denmark, Belgium, Peru and the UK, the 20 winners were unveiled – and applauded by top talents from the local and international architecture and design communities.

On Friday June 21, Azure revealed the 20 winners of the 2019 AZ Awards, which represent exceptional work being created in global architecture and design today. Projects include a transcendent low-rise residential building on the High Line, an art museum built onto the dunes of coastal China and an ingenious folding faucet. The AZ Awards finalists arrived from as far away as Peru, London and Mexico. The winners took home a one-of-a-kind AZ Awards trophy designed by Matt Carr, one of our 2019 jurors and VP design at international product design powerhouse Umbra.

Aesthetic Epicureans – 5 Tips to Creating a Beautiful Kitchen

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

If a house has a workhorse, it is most definitely the kitchen. The unfortunate thing about this workhorse it that, unlike the garage or a craft room where other messy projects take place, you can’t close the door on your kitchen when guests come to visit. It is always on display! So, don’t overlook this critical piece of your house—showcase it! Create a beautiful kitchen that you can be proud of by following the five tips below:

A 5-Step Surveillance Cameras Installation Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

DIY kits are easy to use if you are familiar with putting up security gadgets around your property. However, one small installation mishap and you risk jeopardizing all the security arrangements in your home.

You will need to get it right so that you can beef up your home security properly.

This article is an easy guide to set you on the correct path.

1. Determine the Locations of Your Cameras

If you do not have a clear plan on where to locate your camera, then take time inspecting your property. Take an aerial photo or draw on a piece of paper the layout of your property. Be sure to mark all the areas that you want to cover. Next, you will need to decide areas where you will position each camera. Remember to check the range of the camera so that you do not waste coverage with unnecessary overlapping.

How To Get Started Building Your Own House In 2019

So you’ve decided you’re going to build your own home instead of buying one. You’re excited to embark on your new DIY project and you’re dreaming of custom kitchens from DIY Homefit, gaming rooms for leisure, and the view from your new bedroom. Your mind is already racing with things you could do to fill your new home with memories and joy. “Once it’s done” is becoming your new personal mantra. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. We know how it feels to finally complete a new house and be excited at the prospect of living in something you’ve created.

New Kortimed Headquarters in Spain / by Pierattelli Architetture

For an Italian company specialized in liquid food transportation, Pierattelli Architetture designs an innovative hub to set new quality standards on working environments.

Valencia (Spain) | A contemporary headquarters that integrates all strategic, management, operational, logistic and symbolic functions in a single construction. This is the avant-garde Kortimed hub that the Florence firm Pierattelli Architetture has designed in the name of total quality: aesthetic, technical, engineering, operational and representative.

Kortimed, is an international leader in the tanker transport of liquid foodstuffs. Founded in Italy in 2005, today Kortimed has an international distribution network. Spain is the company’s first commercial venture abroad, a natural location for creating a hub to serve as a cornerstone on which to consolidate an intermodal transport network involving land, sea and rail transport between Europe and North Africa.

How the Steel Industry Can Reduce Energy Consumption and Improve Efficiency

The steel industry remains one of the pillars of the American economy, and as concerns about the environment and carbon footprints are growing, it has to confront its energy consumption issues. At the same time, efficiency allows companies to do more with less and expand less energy while increasing their throughput. Both concepts go hand in hand, and reducing energy consumption doesn’t only have to be done by adopting sounder practices and alternatives to energy inefficient equipment; it should also focus on improving processes. Let’s take a look at how steel manufacturers can improve both their efficiency and energy consumption.

T20 in Xujiahui / by Jacques Ferrier Architecture and Sensual City Studio

Paris, Lisbon and Shanghai-based practices Jacques Ferrier Architecture and Sensual City Studio have turned what could have been an ordinary ‘office plus car park’ into an opportunity to radically reassess the surrounding urban district of Xujiahui in Shanghai.

Red House / by TOPROJEKT

Recently nominated for the EU Mies award 2019 ‘red house’ by Biuro Toprojekt is situated in a Cistercian landscape of Rudy Wielkie, a vast area in Upper Silesia of Poland. The walls of the building were made out of hand-sorted waste bricks from nearby brickworks making it a perfect fit for the vicinity of Rudy where one can find a number of brick buildings built in a masterly way.