Housing Project “Lez-in-art” in Montpellier / by NBJ architectes

The project takes place at the heart of the “Rive Gauche” ZAC with specific wishes in terms of sustainable development. Of simple and compact form, it is through the putting in the thickness of the facades that the materiality is offered to the constructed whole.

Composed of three entities, a base, a body and an attic, each expresses a relation to its specific environment.

The base, solid and protective, consists by houses with private exterior extensions.

The body seeks to offer specified exterior dilatations through the treatment of the various terraces stretching like shooting lines towards the landscape. Vertically linked by twisted blades, they constitute an environmental skin combining the thermal qualities with the architectural qualities by a play of vibration of the light and of putting in thickness thanks to the constituted shadows.

Finally, the Attic sequences the distant landscape by volumes.

The unity is preserved by the establishment of a materiality and declinations of identical colors. The project answers the environmental commitments by rigorous construction, compactness required, but above all by the implementation of architectural features offering a quality of life thanks to a quality of space.

It was designated a jury’s favorite project during the signing ceremony Arcade.

Data sheet
Project name: Lez-in-art
Location: ZAC Rive Gauche – Montpellier (34) – France
Architects: Elodie NOURRIGAT/Jacques BRION – NBJ Architectes
Owner: Arcade Group
Project area: 6 000 m2
Project ending: July 2017

Structure: Verdier
Fluids: Celsius
Control Office: Sacotec
Implementing Architect: CIC Delmas

About NBJ Architectes

Created in 2000 by Elodie Nourrigat and Jacques Brion, N+B architects became NBJ Architectes in 2013.

The current structure of the agency brings a structured team of professionals with expertise in architecture, urban planning, sustainable environmental issues and engaging in programs to explore new way of project development.

Their projects join different scales, whether architectural or urban. Their work has been recognized through various awards.

In September 2008, they were invited to the 11th Architectural Biennale in Venice in the French Pavilion. The same year, they were awarded by the prize “Europe 40 under 40”, price distinguishing the top 40 agencies under 40 years in Europe. The project of the Activity Park of Camalcé in Gignac, was distinguished by the ” International Award 2009 ” price, attributed by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum. They carry their education abroad, whether is at Laval University in Quebec City (Canada), RMIT in Melbourne (Australia), Tohku University in Sendai (Japan), College of Design at the University of Kentucky (USA). Invested in the dissemination of architecture culture, they create and organize since 2006, the Festival Architecture Vives, which invites young architects to intervene in the courtyards of mansions in Montpellier city and in the city of La Grande Motte.

For more information: nbj-archi.com/Lez-in-art