Control Your Pests: Indoors and Out

Spring is around the corner and your garden will start coming alive again. The sun will shine, spring rains will pour down, and your home will get a fresh infusion of new life. It also means that insects and pests will begin waking from their winter sleep and reproducing everywhere.

Pests are unwanted pests which invade your garden, home or personal safety. You must keep these critters under control, or they will cause harm to your property and, perhaps, even to your person. Knowing who to call if the unexpected happens can really help. Consider for your pest control needs. They can answer questions and help you solve the problem.

We have arranged a list of the biggest problem areas for both indoors and outdoors when it comes to pests:

Outside Pests


Mosquitos breed in standing water, particularly water that is in the shade. Keep your tanks, reservoirs and garden ponds wholly covered. At the very least, you can encourage a supply of healthy garden frogs to munch on your bloodsucking visitors.


Snakes aren’t a problem unless they get into your house or unless they are poisonous. How do you detect a viper? It has a triangular or diamond-shaped head, as opposed to a standard, oval-shaped head. Both snakes and rodents can get into your house through small holes near the base of your floor. Do a thorough inspection of your lower walls and under your sinks. Call an exterminator if plugging these openings does not fix the problem.

Poisonous Spiders

Spiders all eat the same things: insects. Put screens on your windows and doors to make sure that you have fresh air flow without the insects and their predators, the spiders.

Indoor Pests


Crickets inside your house can be incredibly annoying. It is okay to call an exterminator over a single cricket. We all understand this problem. In the meantime, let any indoor pets you own try to hunt them down themselves.

Cockroaches (Roaches)

You shouldn’t have any roaches in your house. Call an exterminator if you do. For apartments, a simple recipe can wipe out major threats in between exterminator visits.
You will need a Mason jar, some grape juice, and some petroleum jelly.

Pour a little bit of grape juice in the bottom of the jar. This is the sugar that roaches smell and crave. Fill the rest of the jar up with water, about 2/3rds of the way full. Smear an inch-wide band of petroleum jelly around the inside of the jar where it starts to curve inward. Roaches will not be able to crawl back up and out of the jar. They will check into their hotel, and they will never check out.


Flies are drawn toward anything sweet. Rotting fruit, dirty dishes, and leftovers on the counter are their biggest attraction. Keep everything put away and the trash can covered at all times.

Biggest Problems


Whether you have mice or rats, there is a rule that you should always follow. If you catch two or more rodents per month (in any given month), then you should call an exterminator.
If you have one per month or less frequently, then it is probably a situation you can fix yourself. Notice which trap they were caught by and which direction they were pointing. Check under external doors to see if there is a crack. Mice can squeeze themselves through a quarter-inch gap, so this is a definite place to check. It is also a source of cold air during the winter, so you should take care for that reason, as well.

Plug the hole with wire or metal foam. Don’t ever use regular foam. Caulk around the edge to seal it in. Only metal foam or wire mesh can stop rodents. They will chew through anything else. For any case of two rodents per month, just call an exterminator.


Termites are the most dangerous threat to your home. You can be living right on top of them and not even know it. Before you buy that new home or start your new home renovations, get your property thoroughly checked out for termites. At even the slightest threat of them, call an exterminator and get our property tented. Also ask what it will take to protect your trees, as well.

You don’t have to be a victim come springtime. You can relax and enjoy your organic garden and your fresh breezes through the house with a glass of lemonade and your favorite magazine. Enjoy the warm weather and your newfound relaxation.

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