MARLMARL Sanjo-Street Kyoto / by Atsushi Suzuki/TANSEISHA

Acclaimed for its abstract world view, MARLMARL is one of the most dynamic brands of originalbaby clothing in Japan today, and is continuing to expand in both domestic and overseas markets. We worked on interior design for the brand in conjunction with the opening of a new branch in the Sanjo-street district of Kyoto, Japan’s historic capital.

Kyoto’s Sanjo-street, featuring an attractive urban landscape characterized by a mixture of old and new, is a place where traditional architecture and modern architecture stand side by side. In these surroundings, we had to draw up a plan for the interior of a modern building highlighted by enormous and remarkably eye-catching arches. So, while honoring Kyoto’s historic landscape, we came up with a design concept that would integrate the brand’s abstract world view with the surrounding cityscape.

Using the brand’s neutral tones and drawing on the motif provided by the building’s arches, we continued the arches inside the store, keeping the lines as simple as possible in combination with a monotone coloring to integrate the cityscape with the brand’s abstract world view. The imposing arches of the building and the light arches of the interior serve as complementary expressions, imbuing the space with a bright and airy impression befitting of a baby clothing brand.

Project: MARLMARL Sanjo-Street Kyoto
Client: Yom Co.,Ltd.

Designer Information:
Atsushi Suzuki/TANSEISHA

Address :Shinagawa Season Terrace 19F, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8220, Japan
Tel :+81-3-6455-8100
Fax :+81-3-6455-8220

Photo Credit: Nacasa& Partners

Project Location + Information
Address :1FSanjo-arimoto Building, 48 Benkeiishi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Total floor area :70.0m2
Completion :May 2017