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Archive for January, 2019

Boarding School Bolivia / by CODE

The Bella Vista boarding school was planed and built during the second building phase of the Agronomy Campus near Cochabamba, Bolivia. The vocational center provides a perspective to juveniles from extremely poor families in Bolivia that goes beyond the common subsistence level of agriculture. CODE and Prof. Ralf Pasel at TU Berlin’s department for Design and Building Construction is dedicated to an interdisciplinary, long-term project in the Andean village Bella Vista, Bolivia, aiming to develop local solutions against poverty as well as finding solutions to global issues such as increasing urbanization and rural depopulation.

The New City, Oostende / by C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with BRUT

Revitalisation of old social housing neighbourhood in Belgium by innovative and sustainable architecture.

Georgian Railway Head Offices in Tibilis / by GRAFT

As part of an innovative business corridor in the northern area of Tbilisi’s city centre, GRAFT developed a masterplan for the Didube Chughureti District that creates a scenic and dynamic landscape and a healthy work environment with a wide range of activities for visitors and residents. The development comprises a series of buildings that vary in scale and composition, reorganizing the site while meshing with the existing urban fabric.

Hotel LN Garden in China / by 3LHD

3LHD recently finished a project in China – Hotel LN Garden. Located in southern China’s Guangdong province, on the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River) estuary, the LN Garden is part of the Nansha Seaside Park. The hotel has a surface of 61068 m2 and 365 rooms. The building forms a unique entity with the surrounding landscape – the shaded and sunny elements of the design (water, lawns and paved surfaces) rhythmically form the spatial dynamics. The main public space of the hotel has a view to the beautiful bay to the west and Seaside Park on the east side of the hotel. Two vertical lobbies and a dominant water feature allow for a gentle flow of space. The transition between outdoor areas and interior spaces is softened by the use of exterior vegetation throughout the lobby.

The Important Contribution of the Hackathon Company

In the Hackathon Company, you have the open field of participants. They are able to realize the executable solutions with the following of the fixed and the specific briefing. Such initiatives help in strengthening the innovative vigour of the company with the introduction of the newer concepts. In the blog post you are shown more than 4 advantages which will surely help you learn the sheer benefits of hackathon as a perfect advantage for the company. Most often, hackathon is described to be the collaborative software and the hardware development event. In USA, the investors and the software industry have been making use of the method from the time of the mid 2000s, and the attempt was to develop the new programs in order to receive the prototypes of the existing realized concepts.

Humanitas University Campus, Milan / by FTA – Filippo Taidelli Architetto

The Humanitas University of Milan project comes to a conclusion with the student residences designed by architectFilippo TaidelliofFTA studio.Research, education, hospitality and sustainability for a model of excellence in education.

The opening of the Mario Luzzatto Student House residences completes the Humanitas University Campus, the renowned international faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Nursing and Physiotherapy that promotes an innovative teaching system. The new residences, built in just one year, were designed by the architect Filippo Taidelli of the FTA studio, who is also responsible for the design of the Campus itself, inaugurated in 2017

Reclaimed Wood: Using the Popular Material in Your Home

Everyday people are taking advantage of the beauty found within reclaimed wood. From flooring to fireplace mantels, wood beams or stair treads, reclaimed wood can be used in many formats. Learning how the popular material can be used in the home can help you to see how design changes can be added to your space. Below are a few examples of popular ways reclaimed wood is used in residential dwellings.

Do You Need a Mold Removal Specialist?

Mold comes in many forms. It’s could be the orange film on your kitchen drain, the white patches on the floor of your basement, or the black spots on your shower curtain. Regardless of how it appears, we can all agree that mold looks disgusting. And that’s not all. Mold can make you sick as well, and you’re most prone if you have asthma or other allergies.