Danish design classics: Verner Panton

By When looking at Danish architects Verner Panton pop up as one of the first. Verner Panton are one of the most important designers in the Danish design history. Verner Panton is mostly known for his design furniture and lamps. Verner Panton is a famous architect and his work is known worldwide today.

The designer

Verner Panton was one of the most popular Danish architects during the 20th century. He died in 1998, but he is still one of the most popular architects today. He is known for his work as the Tivoli chair, Verner Panton chair, Bachelor chair, FlowerPot lamps &Topan lamps – both from &tradition, Globe lamp from Verpan and Panthella lamps from Louis Poulsen. Verner Panton have always made collaboration with a lot of different architects which have formed this unique brand and they are still making interesting design collaboration with newer brands like &Tradition.

Pop art with mass-produced plastic

Verner Panton was born in Copenhagen and had his daily life close to other powerful and popular Danish architects. He was trained by Poul Henningsen and had his first job working with Arne Jacobsen as his mentor. Verner Panton was never a copy of his mentor’s work and had new interesting design ideas. He had a passion for plastic and other manmade materials in the spirit of Pop


Pop art is a modern retake of the classic architecture and uses commercial and mass-produced products. The art is characterized by new shapes and materials mixed together. Some pop art artists are very playful and try to use old art to make new art.

Classic design in a new way

Few have been so fond of Danish design as Verner Panton, who got plastic and great to rhyme in experimental and legendary designs that are known worldwide. Verner Panton is a pioneer of his time with his new take on the classic design. He did not use classic materials but looked at the new possibilities for the time.

Verner Panton mastered the art of surprise by simple means, and the range of modern design classics from his hand is almost infinite. His work is still very popular among the younger generation because of its very modern and classic look. The lamps suits both a very modern and minimalistic home and a home with a lot of festive and colors.

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