5 Reasons Frequent Travelers Prefer Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments are the new preferred accommodations among millennials, corporate business people, and avid travelers. When compared to traditional hotels, apartments, flats, and furnished single family homes around the world offer a variety of new, fun opportunities for travelers to enjoy. From a laid back, comfort-of-home experience to more economical price points, short and long-term vacation rentals have redefined how we travel, how frequently we travel, and where we stay.

  1. Stay for Less
  2. As opposed to being limited by the major hotels in any one city, short term furnished apartment rentals offer a variety of price points and allow travelers to filter their options based on their budget, number of guests, location within a city, and desired amenities. Even with added cleaning and service fees, furnished rentals are economical, providing the option to sleep more guests who can split the cost of a nightly stay! Similarly, they allow interns and associates to find corporate housing on the company’s dime.

  3. Travel in Groups
  4. Unlike staying in a hotel, renting a furnished apartment allows large groups to stay together under one roof. For families with children and mixed groups of friends, furnished apartments are an affordable and fun way to travel together.

  5. Live Like a Local

    Renting a furnished apartment in a new york city is a completely different experience than staying in a tourist-welcoming hotel. Without the guidance of a concierge and main street location, renters get to navigate through a city, live among the natives, and get great local recommendations from the host and surrounding residents. Plus, the style of an apartment or home offers a more authentic feel of a city, often finished with local art and furniture.

  6. Laid Back Comfort of Home
  7. If you don’t mind skipping the turn down and maid services offered by traditional hotels, furnished apartments are preferred for their homey feel. Coming back to a fully equipped apartment allows for more flexibility in your stay. For business travelers on extended stays, a stocked kitchen ready for cooking and hosting provides convenience and opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle while away on business!

  8. Adventure Awaits
  9. Oftentimes, vacation rentals in more remote areas (e.g.: the tropics, the mountains, the rain forest) offer the opportunity to stay in a wholly unique place. A cozy treehouse, indoor/outdoor bungalow, beach hut, or exquisite log cabin in the pines – whatever you fancy, options keep expanding to meet society’s love for adventure.

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