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Technical Center of Blagnac / by NBJ architectes

Located next to an expressway, the Technical Center of Blagnac was built in the middle of a neighborhood characterized by a highly industrialized program. Nevertheless, a classified forest and a cemetery are located just next to the site. These elements constitute the principal specificity of this program. The architectural and urban will aim to constitute a real urban piece, able to create a strong entrance to this area and able to dialogue with its environment. The idea is to establish a visual identity while answering the main objectives of the program.

5 Purchasing Considerations to Make When Buying a Used Crane

Any construction firm knows that cranes are essential components of the success of building projects.

As a diverse group of machines, cranes are responsible for a variety of tasks on a construction site. Their widespread applications include lifting heavy building materials, continuously shifting bulk materials horizontally, and transporting heavy equipment.

Ownership of cranes is an important part of any construction business. Acquiring a quality crane enables you to further grow your business.

But cranes are some of the most expensive pieces of construction equipment your business can own, particularly during today’s economic uncertainty. If you’re looking to buy a crane, consider buying a used crane. A used crane can be a viable option towards crane ownership.

If you’re in the market to buy a crane, consider the following tips below. These important tips will help you navigate the occasionally difficult used equipment market.

FACE Cosmetic Surgery, Toronto / by Audax

When Audax was approached to design the new location of Face Cosmetic Surgery, the owner was looking for a design unlike anything the industry had seen. The mandate was to design a space that felt more like a hotel lobby than a clinic.

5 Tips to Designing the Perfect Office Space

Making your office look and feel like home is not an easy task. You might be a perfect designer when it comes to your home, but challenges might arise when you have to work with just a cubicle.

Decorate your office space without making it either too overwhelming or too distracting. Strike a balance between style and comfort for the best look and feel inside your office. Here are some 5 helpful tips to designing the perfect office space:

New office project WINDOWINTHESKYFINELINER / by Ippolito Fleitz Group

In a business world characterized by a progressive digitalisation of work processes and increased staff mobility, locations and elements of emotion and identity become central to the concept of modern working environments. As technological advances break the traditional connection between work and workplace, increasingly mobile work opportunities arise. Consequently, today’s “Activity Based Design” needs to focus on providing employees with working environments that offer a fitting atmosphere of support for the task at hand. It is a matter of projecting structures, offering incentives for communication and creating places of encounter. Accounting for these changed demands, our interior design for an international consultancy aims to find the right balance between business prestige and informal quality. For even renowned businesses can not solely rely on high salaries and company cars to attract high-potentials in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Residence Overlooking Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles / by Heusch Inc.

The residence is located at the end of a cul-de-sac on a promontory elevated above legendary Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. It was originally built in 1961 and the renovation and addition was to reflect the mid-century-style architecture o that time.

How to Run a Profitable Construction Company

Your construction business will always have clients as long as people need to renovate existing residential and commercial properties, build new houses and open up strip malls. This abundance of opportunities makes it easy to grow from a small business to a large one.

Some of the things you will need to prosper in the construction business are an efficient business operation, the equipment to compete for big projects, a solid marketing plan, and a reliable workforce.

Economic Benefits Of Landscaping Your Home or Business

Landscaping can be defined as the process of altering a plot or parcel of land by manipulating terrain, adding more plants such as trees and shrubs as well as ornamental features in order to make it more attractive or otherwise different from the norm. In layman terms, it can be referred to as the art of gardening, so to speak. It is mostly carried it privately in homes or housing establishments, as well as public spaces such as parks, walkways and oriental or themed gardens. It is a task that incorporates scientific as well as artistic principles to bring out the desired results. A practice that dates back hundreds of years, landscaping has been regarded as a necessity for anyone looking to enhance the aesthetic value of any outdoor space. There exist varied reasons as to why landscaping may be carried out, from wanting to create a sustainable terrain, that preserves and saves on natural resources such as water, to recreating a certain garden outlook that appeals to particular styles and tastes.