Landlord’s Guide to Decorating a Rental Property

Rental properties are in demand throughout the US, and there is a great deal of competition to make your property stand out from the rest. One of the best ways to gain interest from tenants is the way in which you choose to decorate a property. As a landlord, it is important to make sure your rental property is visually appealing and furnished to a high-quality standard. Failing to do so may mean you face rental voids, which will not make your initial investment in the property worthwhile. Being a landlord can be a massive burden, especially if anything bad happens. Make sure you get some vacant property protection if you are looking to do this.

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If you do decide to invest in a rental property, here are three top tips on how to decorate:

Opt for neutral colors

One of the main aspects to consider during the decoration process would be to choose a neutral color scheme. Bright and bold colors may not be to everyone’s taste and could be off-putting for prospective tenants who wish to make the place their own.

That does not mean to say you have to choose a simple shade of magnolia for every room in the property. You may go with the neutral tones for the majority of the walls and select a single wall to use as a feature in the living room, for example.

One of the main drawbacks of using neutral colors is that they are likely to show marks quicker and tenants may not take too much care, as the property is not their own.

An ideal way to combat this issue would be to use a satin finish paint, which is generous to knocks and spillages and far more durable in the long-term. Unlike a matte finish solution, the paintwork can be wiped down in between tenants to look as good as new again. If you are choosing to paint the bathroom walls, it would be advised to purchase paint with added mold protection.


Properties which are light and airy are much more appealable to potential tenants. Aim to install various forms of lighting, especially throughout the living areas and kitchen where they will be spending the majority of their time. Natural light will help boost the mood and happiness of your tenants, so take the time to ensure the windows allow enough daylight in and nothing is blocking them.


It’s entirely your call on whether you choose to furnish the property, and while it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it could increase the interest from tenants who lack furniture and haven’t got the funds to kit it out themselves. One top tip would be to purchase brand-new high-quality furniture, rather than outdated second-hand pieces which may look the place look run down.

While you may be weighing up the costs of furnishing, doing so may mean reaping huge rewards. Gaining a great deal of interest from prospective tenants means you can select the very best, and if they are happy with the living conditions, they are more likely to stay long-term.