6 Paving Tips to Keep Your Asphalt Driveway Looking Great

Many homeowners are choosing asphalt paving to finish their driveway because it provides a durable and clean surface for their vehicles. Asphalt also evokes a subtle kind of beauty that can easily blend well with different exterior finishes like siding, brick and stucco.

But what kind of maintenance is crucial to keep your asphalt driveway looking great every year? Experts share the following six tips.

1. Ensure quality installation

Your asphalt paving must be installed only by experienced driveway paving contractors. This will guarantee that the area has been properly excavated, that industry best practices have been applied, and an adequate base has been laid for drainage purposes. If driveway work (or any task for that matter) is done by incompetent people, the results would be substandard, so more maintenance will be required until it eventually falls apart.

But if you choose to work with the best contractors, they can ensure your asphalt paving has a thickly-laid surface, rolled and compacted with the use of the right machinery. They will use high-grade asphalt mix that has been proven to last for many years.

Quality materials, experienced staff, and the right equipment are all crucial for a high-quality driveway paving job.

2. Remove weeds immediately

If you see any weeds growing into or through your asphalt, immediately eliminate them. Small weeds can seriously damage the overall quality of your driveway. Through chemical elimination, physical removal or barrier installation, you can successfully stop weeds from thriving in your driveway space.

It is also a lot easier to remove one or two weeds at a time because this will let the asphalt that has been cracked or lifted to settle back down after the weeds have been taken out. If you let the weeds bunch up or spread, the damage can be irreversible.

3. Address any drainage problems

If water does not drain away from your asphalt paving quickly, cracks will form. Water will seep into existing cracks, thereby eroding them further. This can become quite a problem, especially during winter.

When water leaks into cracks and the temperature drops below freezing point, the water turns into ice and expands, and pushes your pavement along with it. When the temperature rises again, the ice then melts, and the asphalt pavement settles back down, resulting in a pothole.

To prevent this from happening, you need to know some home plumbing basics, such as making sure that your downspouts and gutters work to direct water away from your asphalt pavement. And if there is pooling water after a heavy rain, you might need to install additional drains.

4. Remove debris

Make sure to sweep away any accumulated debris on your driveway at least once a week. This will help improve the look of the asphalt and promotes quick water drainage. Know that when debris is allowed to accumulate in your driveway, it will prevent the water from draining away rapidly. So make sure to remove all debris before it reaches a problematic point.

5. Keep grass clippings off

Each time you mow your lawn, make sure to keep any grass clippings off your driveway by sweeping them clean. The seeds in these clippings can find their way into small cracks in the asphalt, and later sprout grass. The result won’t just be an eyesore but will also make the cracks larger, and your problems bigger.

6. Regularly inspect your driveway

You have to perform a basic visual inspection of your driveway at least once a month. Look for any signs of damage such as potholes, oil stains and cracks. Though you may be tempted to fix these issues yourself, doing so can lead to additional damage since you are not knowledgeable or skilled about the task.

Instead, get in touch with a reputable asphalt repair company whenever you notice any problems with your driveway. These professionals have the right tools, experience and knowledge to deliver the right results.

Asphalt driveways only require little maintenance. Make sure to have them installed by an experienced contractor so you can look forward to the results of a quality job. Though asphalt is a budget-friendly and durable material for your driveway, it can easily break down over time if it is not properly maintained. So make its upkeep a priority.

With these simple driveway paving tips, you can count on an asphalt driveway that will stay reliable and great-looking for many years to come.

Ron Shattuck Jr. built Shattuck Paving into a trusted, reputable family business. Ron Jr. learned a lot about the industry and the hard work ethic that Ronald Sr. lived by, and has now followed in his father’s shoes to operate the company and help it grow. Today, Shattuck Paving is more determined than ever to serve their customers’ needs with integrity. No compromises!