Barry Callebaut México / by Work+

For the master plan of this project we considered a distribution with a clear structure able to support the company´s activities. Barry-Callebaut required an operative center with an academy, green house, relaxing area and open space offices in a single area.

At the entrance there is a wide bookcase, inspired in a library, that divides the circulation towards the chef presentation area. This area has video and audio system to offer a complete experience in the art of chocolate making and is surrounded by glass partitions to take advantage of the natural light. The following space is the academy with services such as: dressing rooms, lockers, storage room and kitchens to complete its operation.

The other end of the circulation links the corporate offices, an open space that includes meeting rooms and points with great views of the city. We designed a green house to increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system and also for maintaining always fresh the chocolate used in the academy. The relaxation area was done in the perimeter space making the most of both the area and the great views.

The space design offers a variety of ways to work and meet like: open space, standing work places, private offices, lounge type areas and meeting rooms with different capacities according to the users’ requirements.

We did the project team working with our client and is a clear balance between the distribution of the areas, materials selection, floor types and lighting. Additionally the diversity in the work spaces, the academy and the leisure zones have resulted in a working space tailored to Barry-Callebaut.

Project name: Barry Callebaut México
Year: Junio 2016 – Febrero 2017
Location: Ciudad de México
Design: Work+
Juan Pablo Serrano
Myriam Huidobro
Category: Interiores Corporativos
Buildign: 700 M2
Customer: Barry-Callebaut
Construction company: Atxk Interiores
Photography: Pedro Hiriart