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NADAL Eco-House / by Luis De Garrido

Without a doubt, the outstanding design of NADAL Eco-House is Luis De Garrido’s top masterwork, and a turning point in the history of architecture, as it opens up a new way of understanding the built environment and a new architectural syntax.

Best Materials to Utilise in Home Building for 2018

2018 is here and you’re looking at building your home – either from scratch or you’re just adding to your current home. But what are the best materials to use and why?

You’ll find out about the best materials to build a conservatory, a family room extension and an entirely new home. From roofing to soft-play, to shipping containers – yes, you did read that right.

Time to find out what the heck these three have in common, so get reading and enjoy.


Conservatories are a lovely feature to add to your home, but on a more money-orientated side of things, they also add a lot of value to a house when selling. Although this may not be on your mind, for now, it’s always pleasant to know that an investment into an extension could end up making you profit in the future – should you decide to sell up.

A great roofing material for conservatories is thick plastic sheeting. You can purchase plastic cut to size from Simply Plastics, where you’ll also learn the strengths of their plastic and their weather resistance. Hence, one of the reasons it’s so great for your conservatory roof.

Three Ways to Make Your New House Feel Homier

Half the fun of buying a new house is being able to decorate it any way you choose. Before you start decorating the house, you need to consider what type of style you want in your living space and what makes you feel the most comfortable. You will have to live in your home each and every day, so it should be an oasis that you look forward to coming home to.

There are many different, affordable ways that you can update the house to show off your unique style. The following guide walks you through a few ways you can make your new house feel more like your home.

Tetusa Oasis Resort, Turkey / by ENOTA

Tetusa Oasis Thermal Resort is an extensive wellness and medical facility sited within a low-rise housing area in the coastal town of Cesme, Turkey. Cesme is an established holiday destination with a long history of thermal water exploitation, and the new thermal complex will enhance the town’s tourism portfolio with a spa, a water park, a hotel, a preventive healthcare centre, an elderly care facility, and further supporting programmes.

Top Tips for Buying Commercial Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant businesses are dependent on branding and image. The food, the setting, and the advertisements all contribute to a single package. Well-known franchises have their logos and tag-lines and their success rides on how easy it is for them to be recognized. This kind of attention to detail might seem like a move only “big” companies make, but it isn’t. You might be a small or new restaurant, but it is never too early to set an image; furniture is one of the contributing factors to your overall brand.

Do My Home Work: 7 Traps Students Often Get into Dealing with Writing Agencies

There is always left some great room for pressure in the life of every student. Students have to complete multiple academic duties and tasks. It is necessary to take them seriously. Nevertheless, even the smartest and luckiest students cannot cope with all tasks perfectly and require some help. Undoubtedly, the assistance of online assignment writing agencies is one of the most popular and dependable.

For instance, you can receive a professional assignment help using or similar resources. This is a dependable website that does not fail its clients. Nonetheless, there are some services that should be obligatory checked. Not all of them fulfill what they promise or do not fulfill their promises at all.

At times, students become their own worst enemies. Many are inattentive while dealing with writing agencies and receive lots of problems. You ought to be totally sure that you can rely on that very writing service you have chosen. Otherwise, you will get into various traps.

Let’s consider the most common ones. There may be the following traps of online assignment writing agencies:

Odette Estate Winery / by Signum Architecture LLP

LEED Gold-Certified Napa Valley Winery Selected For Top Industrial Buildings Award by American Architecture Prize

Signum Architecture’s LEED Gold-certified design Odette Estate Winery in Napa Valley has been selected by American Architecture Prize 2017 as an Industrial Building category winner.

Architectural Trends for 2018

With the first month of 2018 already almost past us, the changes in the architecture industry are beginning to be felt.

Advancing technologies and materials are all set to totally overhaul the manner in which we design spaces and build them. This list of trends are the likeliest ways in which this industry is going to be transforming, and includes those that may finally be on the brink of being accepted by the mainstream.