What is Contemporary Floral Design

Nature in its truest and innate sense provides the ultimate backdrop of contemporary floral design. Infact, many are inspired to draw in on nature to influence design in the sense of fashion, fabric, architecture and interior design.

However back to the basic and fundamental definition of Contemporary Floral Design is the artistic expression of how flowers are arranged and “accessorized”, together with other aesthetic enhancers and objects, to deliver a themed flower arrangement.

To simply place flowers in an arranged vase can be termed mediocre. Infact, on arrival to most corporate reception areas, one is met with flowers beautifully and usually arranged. Most countries have businesses formed that are commissioned to provide such arrangements on a weekly basis.

These contemporary Floral Designs can take the form of uber simple flowers arranged into intricate and considered designs that not only lend to the natural essence of the types of flowers, but also which can provide a floral arrangement with longevity.

The basic understanding of flowers is essentially to establish which can be paired, whose stems can be manipulated and still allowing for the blossom to remain, and which are parasite flowers that cannot be vased together.

Corporate events and wedding floral centerpieces could be easily identified as to where contemporary floral design was pioneered from. Outside of simply a table centerpiece, contemporary floral design has been extended to the bride’s bouquet. Accessories known to compliment more than an arranged floral, vased design is inclusive of pearls, colored glass beads, water treated wood, metal meshes, rope to string bunches together, artificial tropical birds, and pines to name a few. The extent to which one can work with flowers can be considered as a direct indication to the understanding of flowers. Katie from Orla James agreed “designing and building beautiful flower arrangements is an art and requires creative skill, with some looking wonderful!”

No different to the way Asians have cultivated food served in the most expressive array of artistic talent, contemporary floral design has taken manicure gardens in on a micro level of individual vase expressions. It is not uncommon to find, for example, an old and rusted metal tin that is placed in a spillover effect of blossoms. Equally, you may be surprised to find the most exquisite, large crystal vase with a single tulip and inner mechanism that includes a baby koi fish. Further do not be alarmed in finding a few vases of varied flowers that complement each other, placed as a single arrangement, in a way that almost speaks to each other.

Asian and UAE hotel lobbies are notably considerate of contemporary floral designs and see a dedicated budget allocated to floral designs. Additionally weddings are known to extend massive monetary commitments to “the flowers”. Hotel rooms have seen fruit and flowers arranged to beautify and have an in room/on the go snack too.

Nature in all her glory is considered as an inspiration to many an artists, including Contemporary Floral Design specialists. From minimalistic to extravagant contortions of flowers, the all-time inspiration is themed with the environment of where the floral design is to be placed and how the actual selection of flowers compliment the space. Often Urban retro spaces are complimented with extreme delicate flowers paired in a floral design to create a contrast.

If anything, Contemporary Floral Design has never seen such passion and influence as it currently does.

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