Inflatable Architecture for Fun

When I studied architecture at Bandung Institute of Technology in the mid-90’s, I had never heard about inflatable architecture. I am afraid, It was not a important subject in the field. But now I feel that I missed something really interesting, a unique approach in the world of architecture that’s been exist for years. As a functional but not permanent architecture, the inflatable architecture is really fun. Here are some samples I found across the internet.

Ark Nova Concert Hall

The interior of Ark Nova is too good to be an inflatable concert hall, but that’s the fact. Designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and Anish Kapoor, this orb-like structure has 500-seats and enables various artists to perform orchestras, chamber music, jazz, theatre, dance and art, etc. The walls of the structure are made from a stretchy plastic membrane, designed to enable quick erection and dismantling. To transport it to a new venue, the orb is completely deflated and loaded onto the back of a lorry alongside the disassembled equipment.  


The Portavilion is a unique inflatable pavilion that has futuristic-looking. Designed and created by German Architecture firm Raumlabor-Berlin, Portavilion was popping up in parks throughout London as a mobile event space. The structure consists of a van, from which an air-filled transparent membrane inflates to create a temporary space. According to the architects, “this translucent bubble can squeeze under bridges, wrap around trees or nestle into corners, providing a nomadic, inside/outside space in which people can perform debate, eat or simply hang out.”

Kengo Kuma’s Tea House

Designed by Kengo Kuma, the Tea House is double-wall membrane embedded with LEDs for nighttime use. The double-wall enables openings to have free access, without worry and energy expended on keeping the air inside, and the high-tech skin provides for longer durability. It’s dedicated for the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt and mentioned as more influential than another temporary inflatable enclosure.

Bouncer House

The Inflatable Bouncer House is trending around the world, I can find it here at city park every weekend. Made of durable PVC or vinyl and nylon, this fun house is suitable for home use, placed in Schools, Leisure centres, Parks, or enywhere you want. But I found it’s better for rental bussiness to earn additional income by selling ticket at public space where kids are playing with their parents. Also named as Bouncy castle, the Bouncer House is a great way to keep children busy, excited and exercised. If you want to take such opportunity, you may find this inflatable bouncers sale useful.

Talking about rental business by benefiting the inflatable products, you may want to take a look at two additional items below:

1. Air Tumble Track

The tumble track is a gymnastics air track for home use, but you can deploy it anywhere for commercial use. It can be placed outside in the grass, but make sure you inspect the area and that it is free from anything sharp. The material is very durable and thick so it should be fine without a tarp but to insure more protection a tarp can be used. You can visit and check the air track for sale to find the best price.

2. Inflatable Flying Fish

For water game enthusiasts, the flying fish inflatable is a good business. It can be used in lake, water park, pool or seaside. Also known as inflatable banana boat, It is believed to be an extremely excited and thrilled game for extreme activists. Made by the hot-welding machine, the products are airtight and sealed, so don’t worry be happy.



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