Thwart Burglaries: Integrate Home Security in Architectural Design

Architecture plays an important role in the design of a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but also safe and secure. In this regard, good design and technology play a focal role in home building. Designing a home and integrating security from the beginning ensure the safety of the house, its premises and inhabitants from threats such as burglaries, invasions or attacks.

Integrating Architecture

Good design can become the best way to protect a home from everyday threats. It all starts at the drawing board when an architect is hired to draw up the plans for a structure that is not only physically robust, but also secure from all forms of hazards and perils.

Improving Visibility

One of the most crucial challenges in the design phase is visibility whether allowing natural light to illuminate living spaces or using LED lights, spots or timers. Then there are outdoor surveillance cameras that protect and secure a home. Nowadays, you get excellent surveillance systems that are inexpensive allowing you to cover a wide area of the house indoors and outdoors. Firms looking to forge ahead in surveillance will make sure to invest in the latest technologies, with security companies in Chicago and around the world pushing for the latest innovations to be adopted for home safety.


A well-landscaped garden gives a home instant appeal. However, it can also be a source of potential hazards for would be intruders. To design a good and secure garden, high shrubs and dense trees should be limited. No tree should be near a window or any other access point in the house. Incorporating elements in a landscape such as use of gradually elevated bedrocks and low garden walls are not intrusive yet provides a good overview of what’s going on outdoors.

The right design plays an important role in determining whether a house is safe from external or internal threats. It all starts at the planning stage and a holistic approach to building a home. And when security is integrated in the design of a house, it makes it easier to safeguard the structure and its occupants.