Creative Ways to Hide That Big Air Conditioner

There are few appliances more beloved than the air conditioner when the summer heat descends. Unfortunately, those big boxy units don’t add anything in the way of curb appeal. They break line of sight and you can’t cover them over because they need air flow. There are, however, a number of creative ways to hide you’re A/C unit.

Air Conditioner Dog House

If you’re a bit whimsical, you can always build your A/C unit a dog-house inspired enclosure complete with gabled roof. The key difference here is that you’ll want to use a latticework, rather than solid timber, for the walls and roof. You probably won’t want to anchor it permanently to the ground. Anchoring it would make it more difficult to service or replace the unit.

Slatted Storage Area

If you’ve hired a company like New Edge Group to install a new A/C unit, it’s a perfect opportunity to build a storage area for some outdoor tools. As with the dog-house design, air flow is critical, so you’ll need to go with a slatted top and sides. You’ll probably want hinges on the top as well, for ease of access and unit maintenance.

Large Planters

If you prefer the look of live plants to wood, you can go with large, freestanding planters. The trick here is to select plants that will grow tall enough to obscure the A/C unit from view when someone is standing nearby. The staff in the garden section of a home improvement store or at a greenhouse can help you pick plants that suit your style and needs.

Lattice Surround

For a more traditional look, you can go with a lattice surround. This approach takes its inspiration from the post and lattice approach seen on many front porches. The advantage here is that you can paint or repaint it to match the current color scheme of your home. You could even plant climbing vines on the latticework to further obscure the A/C unit. Although, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the vines to make sure they don’t infiltrate the air conditioner.

Privacy Screen

If building something isn’t your cup of tea, you can always get back to basics with a privacy screen. For extremely low maintenance, look for vinyl or resin screens. They’ll last for years with little more than the occasional rinse with a garden hose. You’ll also want to look for screens that come with the hinges pre-installed.

Air conditioners are a practical necessity once summer rolls around, but they don’t need to be an eyesore. You can use everything from dog house-inspired structures to planters, lattice surrounds and privacy screens to obscure them from view. The key is to pick something that will blend in with your existing landscaping or that can be blended in with the judicious use of paint.

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