How To Create Retail Store Interiors That Get People To Purchase Your Products

Retail is detail. That is the oft-quoted wisdom among retail professionals when it comes to designing store operations. You only get one chance to win over a customer when they step into your store. It is, therefore, no surprise that creating a unique in-store customer experience that leaves a lasting first impression on a shopper is the holy grail of retail store design.

An attractive interior design is indispensable in not only enticing a customer to enter your store but also to get them to make purchases per trip.

Tips on Building an Attractive Retail Interior Design

• Large Window Displays

The goal behind designing a retail interior space is to attract shoppersinto the store. When a prospective walks by the store without any pre-meditated intention of entering in, the warm and colorful atmosphereinsideshooed be the main thing they see.
Human beings are visual creatures, and as such, a beautiful interior will trigger a subconscious choice to enter, even if it’s only to browse. Once inside the store, you can convert them into sales through offers designed to drive impulse purchases.

• Lighting

The type of lighting you adopt subliminally affects the mood of the shoppers in the store. If employed wisely, lighting and light fixtures create a festive feel in shoppers which helps prod them into a purchasing state of mind.

Use lighting fixtures that buoy the mood of those in the store and makes them want to come back for another visit. The fixtures can be of different shapes and colors to create the desired mood. Avoid lights that are too dim, too bright or harsh, e.g., fluorescents.

Light up the extreme ends of the store in an attractive way to grab the attention of the shoppers and have them delve deeper into the store, increasing odds of impulsepurchases. Don’t forget to label exit points with suitable lighting to make the checkout process as painless as possible for the shopper.

• Open Plan Kitchens

Retailers who operate in-store delis should display their kitchen area to win over shoppers. When a customer is browsing the various isles, the aroma from the deli area draws them in. While the pleasant food smells will trigger their hunger, there might be slight resistance especially if they’ve never made prior deli purchases.

Being able to see a clean, well-lit kitchen area instills confidence in a shopper, overcoming any resistance towards making a purchase. Ensure the area is clean all the time, has professional equipment, e.g., blast chillers , ovens, etc. and that customers can see every part of the food preparation process.

• Color

Color communicates various subtle hints to shoppers. Black speaks to sophistication when it comes to commodities, e.g., makeup, dresses, etc. Use the red material in the interior décor to infuse energy into the space and invigorate shoppers. Customers in an amiable mood tend to buy more. Appeal to eco-shoppers by employing the color green in strategic ways to point to areas or items that appeal to them.


Retail interior store design is the primary method by which companies use to create lasting first impressions among shoppers. There are several ways in whichinterior store design can also boost sales. If employed in concert with each other, these factors can help a retailer nudge customers toward more sales, increasing revenue.