How You can Turn Your Back Yard into a Tropical Paradise

At this time of year, you’d be forgiven for forgetting all about your backyard. The temperature is cooling down, the trees are changing color and the holidays will be upon us before we know it. But, it’s actually the perfect time to turn your outdoor space into somewhere you love spending time in – particularly if you’re open to the idea of giving it a tropical theme!

Here are a handful of ideas to get you started and remember – even if you don’t want to hang out in your backyard until spring again – the work you do now will mean you have less to do next year and won’t have to waste valuable time when you should be outdoors soaking up some sun. So, get started with these suggestions…

Turn up the heat

First things first – if you plan on using your backyard during fall, you’ll want to warm it up. Install some patio heaters to warm up the areas you like sitting in so you can enjoy some warm air no matter how cold the temperature gets. Similarly, consider adding a fire pit as they’re great for providing heat as well as a central place to gather around for easy conversation. There are many different styles of patio heaters and fire pits, so you’re sure to find something that fits in with your version of a tropical theme if you look around.

Build a structure

Next, if your back yard is large enough, how about building a structure to make a focal point? You could add a tiki bar for a nod to the tropics (complete with a brushwood roof and cocktail making section) for a vacation-feel and, if you extend the roof far enough, you’ll also ensure you have a shady area for when the temperatures climb high again. This will be a fun place to entertain friends and family all year round – especially if you keep the bar well-stocked, and perhaps a BBQ grill nearby!

Plant lots of foliage

Colorful flowers are a must-have in any tropical themed back yard, but the best trick for achieving that luscious ‘tropical rainforest’ feel is actually to ensure you have generous quantities of green foliage. Add ferns and large, glossy palms and divide up all that dense foliage with borders and decking areas made from materials such as bamboo. If you have the space to do it, consider planting some palms of various sizes in clusters to create dark, ‘secret corners’ – this will help your garden to feel truly tropical and will feel as if you’re sitting in a thriving, dense rainforest.

Get comfortable

Also, why not mix it up by hanging patio chairs from a robust pergola? This way is more fun than simply arranging them at ground level and nods to that easy-going, informal tropical theme and, if you have space, fixing a hammock between two strong trees is a great idea too.

Opt for quality

As well as considering everything at eye-level, don’t forget to think about the ground beneath your feet. The surface area of your back yard can have a significant impact on the intensity or effectiveness of your tropical paradise theme, so do consider something like interlocking pavers if you want your back yard to look truly exquisite. As this high quality supplier of interlocking pavers suggests, such pavers can come in an ‘…endless array of colors, patterns and concepts’, meaning new pavers could fit in perfectly with a tropical theme while providing a practical, hard-wearing walkway, patio or even driveway. And, as well as looking great, this is one of those home improvements that will actually improve your home.

Don’t forget color

Finally, you couldn’t have a tropical garden without there being plenty of vibrant, eye-catching colors to admire. So, from the plants you add to the upholstery you choose, be sure to shop for bold, beautiful flowers and accessories. You can easily incorporate bright hues in seat cushions, blankets and lighting, and there’s no end to the textures, colors and patterns you can introduce in the flowers you plant.