New Outdoor Fitness is a Game Changer / by KOMPAN

KOMPAN’s Cross Systems brings real fitness to the outdoor public space and wins two design awards. The new outdoor fitness concept is based on the most popular activities and challenges all fitness levels.

Cross Systems changes the perception of outdoor fitness from simple and easy to scalable and challenging. Central to Cross Systems is scalable resistance, allowing everyone to train according to individual levels of fitness. The intensity can be determined by adjusting the body position to add more or less resistance or opting for a light/medium/heavy weight.

Safe free weight exercise is possible in the outdoors through an innovative patent pending breaking system. The different weights move freely up and down a vertical tube, featuring a magnetic breaking system that offers controllable resistance, and prevents the weights from dropping to the surface and slows down the fall to a reduced pace.

Winning Design Awards in Europe and Australia

Cross Systems is designed as an open and inviting structure offering innovative fitness equipment ranging from suspension trainers and pull up bars to free weights and parallel bars. The six different frames can stand alone or be placed as joined structures, ideal for group training. Thanks to the wide variety in standard frames one can always create a composition that fits the needs of any location and user.

The design has been recognised by winning two design awards; European Product Design Award and Good Design Award from Australia. In Australia, Cross Systems won Best in Category of the Sports and Lifestyle product design category. The independent judging panel commented “Design excellence at its very best. KOMPAN sets the standard for good design in this category and the KOMPAN Cross Systems takes this to a whole new level. Every aspect of this product has been exceptionally well designed. The end result is another game changer from this design-driven company. Can we have one of these installed in every park in every town across Australia please?”

World problem to solve

Cross Systems is globally available, and everywhere, there is a big inactivity problem to solve. The world is challenged with rapid urbanization, an ageing population and sedentary lifestyles, leaving communities with alarmingly low levels of physical activity. Globally, over 39% of all adults and over 80% adolescents fail to meet even the minimum amount of physical activity as recommended by the World Health Organization. The financial burden of inactivity related health issues, dependency and lost productivity, is putting already tight public budgets under huge pressure.

The aim of Cross Systems is to inspire people to engage in a healthy and happy lifestyle by providing public accessible places to train alone or in groups. In order to guide and motivate users, KOMPAN has developed a supporting app that can demonstrate exercises, suggest workouts and connect users through a social wall. First user research of Cross Systems shows great results. A survey in Copenhagen showed that 23% of the users using the new site had not been active before it was opened.

KOMPAN believe that playing and exercising are fundamental to making happier and healthier individuals and communities. Stimulating physical activity, learning and social interaction are embedded in all KOMPAN solutions. For over 45 years, KOMPAN has been designing unique play solutions for its customers. It has always been KOMPAN’s wish that as children and adolescents evolve into adulthood they preserve the joy and health benefits of movement. With healthy and happy adults as role models, the children of the future will be more likely to follow their lead – creating an ongoing legacy of movement. KOMPAN’s solutions are developed for all people and communities to enjoy the benefits of play and movement.

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