TrinityHammocks Duality and Unity / by Trinity

Trinity, a company renowned for reinventing social relaxation, is proud to complete its trifecta of innovative hammocks with the introduction of two new models, Duality and Unity, which complement the company’s shared hammock experience.

Echoing the praise of the company’s triple hammock design, recognized by the Innovation Award at the 2013 Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference in Las Vegas, Trinity’s new hammocks come to market on the wings of a 2017 European Product Design Award.

“We are excited to build upon the success of the shared hammock experience with the introduction of these two new complementary products,” says Gilbert Tourville, Trinity’s founder. “Duality and Unity follow in the footsteps of our triple hammock products and embrace the same elements of high-quality, innovative design and unparalleled relaxation that the hospitality industry and residential users have come to expect from Trinity.”

Replicating and innovating for success

The fulfillment of the Trinity hammock line follows a proven path, infusing both classic and modern design elements into the finest marine-grade materials available to inspire dreams of sailing the seas.

With a focus on design, comfort and durability, Duality combines the relaxation of both a hanging chair and a hammock experience and is supported by a stainless steel structure and marine-grade teak seating. Comfort completes Duality’s design, with a Sunbrella fabric mattress and matching fabric pillows, all stuffed with Urecel quick dry foam to repel extreme weather conditions.

Unity, the stand-alone model in Trinity’s collection, enhances the core features of a traditional hammock experience through its modern design elements and use of innovative materials. On the foundations of a stainless steel design, Unity’s hammock bed is available in either quilted Sunbrella fabric or Phifertex breathable mesh, and is secured by durable Gore thenara UV resistant thread.

Duality and Unity complete the Trinity concept, which is now available in four relaxing models based on three core design principles. The new models extend the comfort and innovation of the Eternity and Infinity triple hammock designs to singular users, creating a complement to Trinity’s unique sharing experience.

Trinity – Behind the design
Trinity is the conceptual brainchild of Gilbert Tourville, a former merchant marine captain and entrepreneur who spent twenty years operating a number of innovative and highly successful café-restaurant concepts in Quebec prior to founding Trinity. In 2011, based on a desire to truly innovate the social experience of outdoor relaxation, Tourville embarked on a journey that would not only capture the essence of that vision, but would also bring it to life through the fusion of unique design elements and leading edge materials that ensure the highest quality and most favorable experience possible.

To accomplish that bold vision, Trinity engages Southeast Asian artisans with unique talents and historic roots, while using socially-responsible products that ensure a sustainable future for the artisan’s communities.

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