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Archive for July, 2017

Concrete Wall Decoration Tiles – Shadow / by BENTU

BentuDesign, an outstanding concrete furniture brand from China, is proud to announce that they have been awarded the highest distinction in the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best for the Concrete Wall Decoration Tiles – Shadow, tiles made of recycled concrete that consists of 50% disused ceramic as aggregate in cement.

Gemma Observatory / by Anmahian Winton Architects

This private astronomical observatory is located on a remote mountain summit in central New Hampshire. The site is characterized by granite outcroppings and is situated at the center of a three-mile radius “dark” landscape with very little light pollution to obstruct astronomical viewing.

3 Interior Design Ideas Using Coffered Ceiling

Interior design isn’t just about what you can do with the walls, it’s also what you can do with the ceiling. All too often homeowners focus so much on wall design that the ceiling is neglected or, at best, painted a neutral shade and left alone.

You can give your home’s interior a completely different look by installing a custom coffered ceiling. On this infographic below, Jason Tilton of Fanatic Finish demonstrates what every homeowner should know about coffered ceilings.


‘Microlibrary Bima’: 2000-Ice-Cream-Bucket-Project / by SHAU

With high illiteracy rate in Indonesia and lack of reading facilities, SHAU -a multi-awarded rising architecture practice- started a mission: to rekindle interest in books by offering a designed place for reading paired with multiple community activities.

Jinwan Aviation City Research And Development Centre Zhuhai In China / by 10 DESIGN

The 55,000 sqm Research & Development Center is located on a prominent site within the Jinwan Aviation District. It is located in one of the prime locations along the eastern edge of the Jinshan Lake that forms the heart of the district. The buildings will become an incubation platform for start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Business incubation is about providing support, resources and networking opportunities for young businesses.

Educational Ensemble Terenten – Houses for Children / by feld72

feld72 recently completed the redevelopment of the primary school in Terenten/South Tyrol. Together with the kindergarten they built in 2010, it now forms a modern educational ensemble, which is directly embedded in the village life of Terenten.

Starting with the original building of the 1970s, they turned the school into a sensory instrument, which changes and sharpens perceptions and encourages the children to discover, experiment and research, thereby offering an active learning environment.

Urban Rural / by Eray Carbajo

Eray Carbajo announces Urban Rural, a new dwelling typology for a sustainable transformation strategy that will become exemplar for Istanbul’s future redevelopment, with construction completion in 2019.

New Outdoor Fitness is a Game Changer / by KOMPAN

KOMPAN’s Cross Systems brings real fitness to the outdoor public space and wins two design awards. The new outdoor fitness concept is based on the most popular activities and challenges all fitness levels.

Cross Systems changes the perception of outdoor fitness from simple and easy to scalable and challenging. Central to Cross Systems is scalable resistance, allowing everyone to train according to individual levels of fitness. The intensity can be determined by adjusting the body position to add more or less resistance or opting for a light/medium/heavy weight.