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Archive for April, 2017

Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

If your kitchen is outdated and you are planning a remodel, having it done the right way will not only make your life easier but it will also help to increase the value of your home.

Of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen is probably the one you travel through the most. If you don’t have enough space and your appliances are less than desirable, those visits can become stressful. Let’s face it, it’s there you prepare meals, clean them up and spend quality time with family members. If you aren’t able to work easily because you don’t have enough counter space or it get too crowded with more than one body, redoing the kitchen will provide you with lasting benefits.

Energy Efficient

Older appliances can do more than just not function properly, they can also be costing you more money on your gas and electric bills. Replacing them with new energy efficient models will give you access to the latest improvements and features while also reducing the cost of your monthly home budget. Not only that, if you purchased your home before you had children or when you were first starting a family the size of your refrigerator, microwave and even your oven may no longer be sufficient. Increasing the storage capacity of your refrigerator and upgrading to an industrial refrigerator will allow you to buy in larger qualities and stock up on frequently used items. This will also save you money on fewer trips to the store by having the ability to buy in bulk.

Stone Terrace Hotel / by ENOTA

Stone Terrace Hotel is set on steep slope in an idyllic bay on Pag Island in Croatia. It is a beautiful island surrounded with crystal water but is on the other hand also known for its harsh winter windy conditions and is therefore only scarcely covered with greenery. The location itself is in a secluded bay near island’s main town and offers stunning views to open sea. Steep slope of the location offers more than seventy meters height difference but in touch with water it transforms in to beautiful, well-sheltered natural sandy beach.

Alternative Ideas for Your Garden Décor

Just like any room in your home, it’s common to get bored of your garden décor. Quite often, especially when we have young children, we stick to the same basic lawn and patio layout. However, there are many ways to make some changes to your décor without necessarily changing the whole design of your garden. Here are some of the best.

Railway Sleepers

Railways sleepers are large, chunky pieces of wood which can look incredibly cool in an outdoor space. You could use them to build large raised flower beds, walls, edgings, or to make rustic wooden furniture, as they are hardwearing and built to last.

How to Spruce Up Your Rental Property for Spring

There’s nothing like the coming of spring to inspire landlords to renovate their spaces. These renovations can bring top tenants to your property. Whether you are sprucing up your property to appeal to new tenants, or offering services to veteran tenants, here are a few must-haves this spring season.

Power Wash the Exterior of Your Home

April showers may bring May flowers, but unfortunately, rain can’t wash everything away. Sometimes, rain will actually gather all of that built up dirt in areas where the water has drained off. To anticipate the coming summer, make your rental property look brand new with a good old-fashioned power wash. You may be surprised at how fresh your rental will feel. In addition, if you were previously on the fence about repainting the exterior, a power wash is sometimes all you needed. If you have tenants in your property already, offer to power wash the house to show your appreciation for their upkeep efforts.

Incorporate Some Green

It’s official: the Pantone color of the year is “Greenery.” Greenery is a perfect middle ground of both bright and neutral green, and it is a refreshing trend coming out of the winter blues. How do you introduce this into your property? While it is unwise to paint your property’s walls in brighter non-neutral colors, you can add attraction to your showing with green accents. Remember that when showing a property, you can boost your chances of getting higher-quality candidates by way of cleanliness and standout details. Adding a pop of greenery—whether it be with plants, pillows, or plates— will modernize your property and catch the eye of prospective renters. Take note to pick the right shade of green to compliment your property!