4 Ways to Create an Eating Space in a Small Home


Having a space in your home to enjoy your meals is important. If you happen to live in an apartment or small home, you may have resorted to solutions like TV trays or everyone eating in separate rooms. Eating separately from your family can get lonely, while TV trays in the living room can lead to crumbs and food on the sofa. There are more feasible options that will define an eating area for you and your family to enjoy.

1. Split the Living Room Space in Half

The living room is typically one of the larger spaces in the home. If you can live with a little less living room space, mapping off part of it for a dining area can work. You can review sites with dining room furniture to get an idea of what would fit in the space. Going with a smaller square table with four chairs might work for a smaller family. You can use a room divider or your couch to separate the two areas.

2. Eat-In Kitchen

If you have a large kitchen, you can create a designated area for meal time. Eat-in kitchens are nice additions to a property and can improve the function of your living space. A small foldable table or even a kitchen nook and small table would work well in the corner of your kitchen while still providing optimum space for preparing meals.

3. Flip-Out Tables

Flip-out tables are pretty neat and can really help for apartments or homes that don’t have much room for a full on kitchen and chair set. They are installed on the wall. You can flip the table up for meal times and flip it back down when you’re finished to keep the spacing. They would be ideal for a small nook in your living room or kitchen area. Purchase folding chairs instead of traditional dining chairs and store them in your closet when you’re done.

4. Add a Bar

A bar is pretty easy to install to a window or wall for additional counter or eating space. You can choose a bar that will match the décor in the room. Invest in a few bar stools that can be easily pushed under the bar so that you don’t lose more space than necessary.

Tips to Optimize Your Dining Space

In order to prevent your new eating or dining area from looking cluttered or extremely small, there are some home décor tricks you can complete.

1. Use Lighter Wall Colors

When choosing a wall color, make sure that you choose lighter colors. Darker room colors make the space appear a lot smaller than what it really is.

2. Incorporate Mirrors

Believe it or not, mirrors can give off the impression that the room is bigger than it actually is. Choose a nice large mirror as the focal point in your dining space, or place smaller mirrors on the walls with complimentary lighting.

3. Use an Area Rug to Divide the Space

To make a room appear larger, use a separate carpet to distinguish a separate space. Area rugs are great accents to a room for adding color. Purchasing one rug for the living room and another for your designated dining area can make your home feel bigger.

4. Less is More

If you have a really small dining area you don’t want to clutter it with too much home décor. Select a few statement pieces to add to the space such as artwork, vases, or candles. Remember, less is more if you want the room to appear large and wide open.

5. Lighting

Remember, the darker a room is, the smaller it will appear. Therefore, making your room stand out with the right lighting can make all the difference. If you have natural light, use sheers for window treatments or ditch window treatments altogether to give off as much light as possible. You can also invest in decorative lighting for the table, ceiling, and walls.

You deserve to be able to enjoy meals with the ones you love. Meal time is one of the most important times of day for families as you get to gather around and share news about your day. If you live in a small home or apartment that doesn’t have a designated dining room area (or has a small dining area), these ideas will liven up your home, improve functionality, optimize your living space, and most importantly, allow you to enjoy good food with your family.

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