Using Art to Inspire Your Home’s Interior Design


Artwork can play a huge role in your home’s interior design by adding character, color, and texture to any room. The art chosen can be unique or traditional; it all depends on your preferences and how you’d like the room to look. Choosing and placing artwork goes beyond just hanging it up in any room – the right piece of art can breathe life and style into any room.

Choosing the Artwork

Choosing the right artwork for each room is all about personal preferences. Browse paintings to gain inspiration and insight as to what you’d like to see when you walk in the room. If you see a painting you like but it doesn’t match the décor in any of your rooms, buy it anyway because a painting can easily become the focal point of the room. If you want to have multiple paintings in one room, try to go with a similar style so they complement each other.

Using 3D Textured Wall Surfaces

3D textured wall surfaces are gaining in popularity fore their versatility and uniqueness. They can be used in just about any room to transform a blank wall into a real attention grabber. Pick a texture that already works with your existing décor, or pick one that will allow you to revamp your whole style for a fun new look. Incorporate the texture in your 3D wall surface with accent pillows, curtains, rugs, and paintings so everything goes nicely together.

Incorporate Sculptures

Just like paintings, sculptures can transform any room and create a focal point. Sculptures can complement the architecture, add textures to the room, bring style, and reflect your personality. Try to match the colors and textures from the sculpture with the rest of the room’s décor. You can also use a sculpture to complement paintings and prints hung on your wall by choosing a sculpture that has a similar shape to the ones in your paintings.

Use the Colors in the Artwork as Room Accents

There’s a lot you can do in a room to make everything work nicely together. If your painting is full of color, don’t just choose one or two colors from it to decorate the rest of your room; choose a wide variety. You can make your room as unique or traditional as you want it, so spend time playing around with the colors to find décor you like the most. If the painting you chose is earthy and natural, consider adding accents with the same colors and adding sculptures that match the painting. Use the colors in the painting to set the mood in the room.

Use Proper Lighting

When you spend time choosing the perfect art for a room, you want it to stand out. It can be hard to notice if there isn’t the right amount of lighting available to highlight it and make it stand out. Ceiling-mounted lighting accents that shine on the center of the artwork are an ideal choice, but you can also use track lighting, or even a properly placed lamp.

The right art can speak volumes in any room, adding style, texture, color, and personality. There’s no right or wrong type of art to work with, it’s all about reflecting your personal style preferences and your personality. Choose a style that will make the room more inviting and something you can enjoy every day. If you’re trying to create a relaxing atmosphere, consider choosing a painting with relaxing tones, such as blue-gray, light green, celestial blue, blue-green, or warm gray. Have fun choosing artwork and remember that nothing is permanent, you can change the style as often as you wish.

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