Architecture Whispers in Paris / by Matteo Cainer Architects

MCA_Architecture whispers_Opening night

The event is called ‘Architecture Whispers’ and it is a series of intimate multidisciplinary and cross-cultural conversations between emerging, established and visionary international architects. They take place in the Silencio Club in Paris, an exclusive venue for writers, directors and musicians, established by American filmmaker, visual artist and musician David Lynch.

MCA_Architecture whispers_Silencio

The event was launched on the 19th of April. Speakers where Odile Decq, Didier Faustino, Luca Galofaro, Veronika Valk and Theodore Spyropoulos, and the theme of the evening was ‘Digital submission or Architectural Domination’. These whispers will happen once a month, the next is scheduled for the 17th of May and the one after the 21 of June.

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