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House N, Noordwijk / by Maxwan

After many years of hand working carefully with the client, contractor and even the gardener; Maxwan is proud to present the first official images of our villa refurbishment project HouseN, in Noordwijk – The Netherlands. We gave the whole house a subtle facelift, designed a generous extension to the living room and the kitchen, and invented a special spiral staircase. Please find attached images for your quick preview.

© Filip Dujardin

Built in 1938, this Noordwijk seaside villa was originally the holiday home of a concrete factory owner. Battered and blustered by the salty sea weather over the decades, the house was in need of renovation. Besides roof replacement and basement repairs by a quality waterproofing company like Tredent Contracting, the bedrooms, bathrooms and windows were outdated and some spaces had grown too small for the clients’ requirements.

What Homeowners Need to Know about Termites

termimix Most have heard the phrase, ‘being eaten out of house and home’. Usually this means someone has teenagers, house guests, or other individuals who are eating up all their groceries. But what if you were literally being eaten out of house and home? If you have termites that is exactly what can happen. Learning about what termites are, how they work, the damage they cause, and how to prevent and eliminate them can save you money, and maybe even your home.

What Are Termites?

Biologist Dr. Don shares on that termites are:
• Six-legged.
• Whitish.
• Sometimes winged.

They can hollow trees, build large constructs, move vast amounts of soil and, of course, eat your home. Termites belong to the same order as cockroaches, “blattodea”, and they can live as long as 3 years. Termites typically travel through the ground until they find wood structures near the base of a home they can invade. And contributor Jason Chavis points out, that because termites move locations quickly, if a house in your neighborhood is treated the insects will move to a new home to sustain the colony.

Showroom Talsee AG, Switzerland / by Burkard Meyer and Konform AG

Architectural installation, rain in interiors. This last installation with the original metal chain curtains KriskaDECOR it’s been displayed looking like raining in the interiors of the bathrooms showroom of Talsee, in Switzerland.

Showroom Talsee AG,  Switzerland / by  Burkard Meyer and Konform AG

For the new showroom for the bathroom furniture company Talsee, the Swiss architecture firm Burkard Meyer required an innovative installation of chains hanging from the ceiling. Following the architect’s creative brief, KriskaDECOR created a new modular system for the project.

123 Makelaar, Amsterdam / by CUBE en SOLUZ

123 Makelaar, Amsterdam / by CUBE en SOLUZ

An old factory space in Amsterdam North is transformed into the new office of 123 Makelaar. The assignment was to create a representative office with a tough industrial look, but with enough space for personal contact. For the client it was important to have different places to create, work, meet, relax or to receive visits. We added a mezzanine and two consulting rooms in the double high industrial space.

Subtle Touches That Make Your Home Yours

Decorating your own home is, above all, a therapeutic activity. One might thing it’s too hard or too stressful to decorate your own home when you’re already having all the trouble in the world trying to move in. But that’s really not the bottom line – what would be interesting to focus on are the subtle touches that one can add to their homes after they have moved in. Not to mention that this works wonders if you’ve already lived there for a long while and need to change a couple of things.

The first argument behind this particular need to add a personal touch to your personal space is the fact that it creates a more intimate and comfortable living area. While most individuals might not notice it, there’s something truly lovely about having a home that feels homey – it relaxes you, it gives you a sense of calmness, which given the busy lives we’re all living, we certainly need it. Now, apart from that consider the concept of feng shui. Which basically means tasteful design using the right accessories. Since we weren’t talking about major redecorations around the house, here are a couple of interesting things one can do around the house in order to change the general feeling of it:

The Iceberg Wins The MIPIM 2013 Award

The Iceberg Wins The Mipim 2013 Award

CANNES – The residential apartment complex “The Iceberg” in Århus, Denmark designed by JDS Architects, Cebra, SeARCH and Louis Paillard wins the Mipim award for “Best Residential Project”. The award ceremony was held last Thursday, 14 March, in the main auditorium of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Offices And Social Appartments Goedkope Woning Kortrijk, Belgium / by BURO II & ARCHI+I

 Offices And Social Appartments Goedkope Woning Kortrijk, Belgium / by BURO II & ARCHI+I

In Kortrijk, the offices of Goedkope Woning have been combined with rented homes in the social housing sector. Goedkope Woning was able to remain faithful to its objectives and vision on sustainability both with regard to residents and buildings and these ideals have also been clearly expressed in the company’s own office spaces. Maximum attention has been paid to guiding and welcoming visitors, and the employees have been given a simple and healthy working environment. The renovation was carried out with respect for the architectural features of the original building and the new comfortable city apartments – all of which are in the social housing sector – have plenty of natural light and outdoor space.

PLATAFORMA ZERO in Porto, Portugal / by A2OFFICE

PLATAFORMA ZERO  in  Porto, Portugal

A small space with just over 20m ² was the site for the deployment of this kiosk in the Casa da Música Metro Station in the city of Porto, Portugal.