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THE:SQUARE³ — Life, Nature, Sport


Three towers of gold, silver, and bronze and three diagonally shaped city blocks make up THE:SQUARE³, a new mixed use development inspired by sport that revitalises a unique urban quarter in Berlin. The project is just nine minutes from Alexanderplatz, the very heart of Berlin, and located near Europe’s largest urban nature reserve and a sports hot spot. Conceived by Moritz Gruppe and designed by internationally acclaimed architects, LAVA, THE:SQUARE³ theme is Life, Nature, Sport.

Beaumont House in Montreal / by Henri Cleinge, architect

Beaumont House in  Montreal / by Henri Cleinge, architect

Inspired to create a home to be experienced by all five senses, the Beaumont concrete house evolved as an exploration project. The design, understated, is situated in a mixed use neighborhood where residential duplexes coexist with small to midsize industrial buildings. Despite the project’s integration, a number of features distinguish the project from other buildings in the area. In contrast to the superimposed typology of apartment units located on the ground floor and second floor, the Beaumont house challenges this spatial composition by creating a modular square plan where one unit is situated on the ground and second floor, and a second unit is located on the second and third floor. This spatial tour de force is a response to the program and sun movement, allowing each unit exposure to three orientations rather than two and to take full advantage of southern sunlight.

Railway Station Under the Cloud, Ukraine / by Arthur Kupreychuk

Railway station under the cloud (1)

The project of the railway station in Sevastopol (Ukraine), made by Arthur Kupreychuk (Kiev, Ukraine), consists of a passenger terminal building and a hanging in the air cloud-canopy above it.

New Permanent Exhibition at IWM Duxford / by MET Studio and IWM

Historic Duxford - Duxford's People

Experiential designers MET Studio have announced that they are working with IWM Duxford on a new permanent exhibition, which will focus on the former military airfield’s incredible war- and peace-time history.

The exhibition – Historic Duxford – which is due to open on Thursday 28 March 2013, is the result of a collaboration between MET Studio and the Interpretation and Collections Team from IWM Duxford. It will be situated in the old Watch Office, opposite the Control Tower, and aims to bring to life Duxford’s history as a fully-operational military airfield (from 1918 to 1961), for a family audience.

Why Your Business Needs A Pond

 Chances are the idea of adding a pond to your business is not something that has historically been on the top of your “to-do” list. Take a closer look at what this can do for your business, however, and it becomes all the more clear just how effective having your own outdoor pond can actually be. This is especially true for businesses that have a decent amount of property to play around with. Perhaps the greatest thing to realize is that installing a pond can be done without much hassle at all, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly endeavor.

The following are just a few reasons why your business needs a pond.

Installing a Pond Can Impress Clients

One of the main reasons why you should install a pond comes down to the fact that doing so is a fantastic way to impress both current and prospective clients. Clients want to know that the businesses they work with are well-established, and the landscape of your office can have a rather large impact on their overall assumption about your legitimacy. After all, if you have a pond on your property, you can sit down with clients for a relaxing meeting or a cup of coffee; a great way to get them on your side. Who wouldn’t want to work with a company that has their own outdoor grotto?

The New City Of El-Menia, Constantine, Algeria / by Exp + Lemay

The New City Of El-Menia, Constantine, Algeria / by Exp + Lemay

After a global competition, the joint venture formed by exp, Canadian firm of multidisciplinary consultants, and lemay, one of the most important integrated design services firms in Canada, has made history in Quebec industry by winning an international competition launched by the Agence de gestion et de régulation foncière urbaine de la Wilaya de Constantine in Algeria. This competition aimed at the realisation of a major project in the city of Constantine, Algeria, of approximately $ 2.4 billion ($ 2.4B), including $1.57 billion ($1.57B) devoted to the residential sector.

Low Consumption Housing in The School Leonard De Vinci / by HELLIN-SEBBAG, architectes associés


LOCATION : MONTPELLIER – Rue du Professeur Blayac et Avenue de l’Europe
ARCHITECTS : HELLIN-SEBBAG, architectes associés
(Paris- Montpellier)
MISSION : Study and Site (under Loi MOP + SYN + DEM)
PROGRAM : 11 employee dwellings for school staff
1 T1/ 2 T5/ 8 T4
8 covered parking spaces and 12 outdoor places
TECHNIQUE AND MATERIALS : Double ventilation – natural gas heating system – solar hot water
Outsolation (20 cm)- Eternit façade cladding
Floating parquet and wood floor for balconies
SURFACE : 1,293 m² gross floor area
COST OF WORK : €1.9 million (taxes not included)
SCHEDULE : November 2012
PHOTOGRAPHER : Benoit Wehrlé –


Irène Urban Housing in Montreal, Canada / by KANVA

urban housing project, Irène in Montreal’s borough, St-Henri,
© Jimmy Hamelin

The urban housing project, Irène, located in Montreal’s borough, St-Henri, exemplifies innovation as a valuable design tool to individualize a building within the City. Perforated aluminium panels were customized into a novel exterior building envelope that screens the upper three storeys of an addition above an existing industrial building. Drawing an analogy with a theatrical curtain, the metallic skin acts equally to veil and to reveal the activity within, serving a performative function that adds a touch of spectacle to the neighbourhood.