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Glass Farm in Schijndel, Netherlands / by MVRDV

Glass Farm in Schijndel, Netherlands / by MVRDV

RemBrand developers, the Town of Schijndel and MVRDV complete the Glass Farm, a multifunctional building in the village square. The building with a total surface area of 1600m2 contains shops, restaurants, offices and a wellness centre. The exterior is printed glass with a collage of typical local farms; a monument to the past but 1,6 times larger than life. This concept can be seen as a contemporary response to retro-architecture whilst respecting the public’s wish for vernacular authenticity. In 1944 the small Brabant town of Schijndel which is the birthplace of Winy Maas suffered from WWII Operation Market Garden damages resulting in an oversized market square. In 1980 the then 20 year old Winy Maas urged the mayor to fill in the gap, 23 years after this first initiative the building is now completed.

New Cultural Centre and Library in Karlshamn, Sweden / by schmidt hammer lassen architects

schmidt hammer lassen architects wins competition to design the New Cultural Centre and Library in Karlshamn, Sweden


The New Cultural Centre and Library in Karlshamn, Sweden, is designed to gather the city’s cultural functions under one roof. schmidt hammer lassen architects has just won an international competition to design this 5,000 square metre cultural centre. Karlshamn will get a sculptural and flexible building containing a library, an exhibition area, a cinema, a tourist office and a café. It will be the city’s new meeting place and will embrace diversity.

Passive Kindergarten In Oostduinkerke, Belgium / by BURO II & ARCHI+I

2013_Kleuterschool Oostduinkerke 3859 (c) BURO II & ARCHI+I (2)

Due to the increasing number of students, the local Oostduinkerke school needed to expand. The building premises are situated in the centre of town, in between the backyards of the surrounding buildings.

The newly constructed nursery section is partly underground. This way, the new building creates a number of benefits: A scenic integration with the build-up environment and a spacious outside play area for the children. All classes walk out into a wind-free covered class garden that serves as a safe outside area.

House 3098 in Lantau Island, Hong Kong / by HEAD Architecture

Head_THouse 3098 in Lantau Island, Hong KongungChung_55_Uden LR
© Graham Uden

When the Hong Kong’s New Territories Exempted House Policy was introduced in 1972, it was intended to improve the standard of housing in rural areas of the New Territories.

Under the policy, every indigenous villager is entitled to apply to build a small house on private land, or on government land at a concessionary premium, within their ancestral village.

Securing Your Home

© Gareth Gardner For many business owners and employees the office, store, or factory where they spend their days working is like a second home. The security and protection of the property and the people working there is very important, reminds Insight Security, and a variety of different circumstances and factors will come into play when choosing and implementing a commercial security system. Just as home security systems are geared toward protecting the family and personal property, commercial security systems are designed to keep employees safe from outside aggressors as well as protecting the company’s property from criminals as well as dishonest employees.

What are commercial security systems?

Generally, commercial security systems are any security systems used to protect commercial interests including factories, warehouses, stores, office buildings, and offices themselves. A commercial security system protects a business from outside theft and vandalism as well as protecting and securing the company from the inside as well. Commercial security systems may be overseen by a security company, connected directly to local authorities such as the police department, or may function as an unmonitored deterrent to crime.

The components of commercial security systems will vary depending on the business, and today’s systems can be designed to fit virtually any and all security needs. Some of the more common components of today’s systems include a variety of motion and sound detection devices that may be calibrated to detect even the slightest movement or unusual sound. Some innovative sound detectors can even differentiate the sound of glass being broken from that of other normal environmental sounds. Intruders can also be detected by infrared systems, the natural heat emanating from their bodies standing out among the other standard heat signatures of the property. Motion detectors, as their name implies, are also used in many systems to detect movement in a business after hours. While false alarms can occur with any of these detectors, most can be adjusted based on the normal levels of activity in the area where the detectors are positioned.

Flooring for the Modern Home

10181073_1416037_27903 Choosing the type of flooring to install in the various rooms of a home is one of the most important decisions that a homeowner can make. From a construction point of view, the flooring selected needs to be durable; from a design point of view, it needs to be attractive and flexible enough that it can fit seamlessly with a variety of interior design options.

In the past, flooring options for homes were usually quite limited, particularly for homeowners on a budget. Hardwood flooring and carpeting were the primary types of flooring used, with accent flooring such as tile or linoleum only used in smaller rooms and spaces. Today, the range of flooring options to choose from is impressive, including slate and natural stone; porcelain, ceramic, and mosaic tile; a wide variety of carpeting ranging from low pile to shag, and hand-woven area rugs; linoleum; vinyl flooring; cork; parquet and laminate wood flooring; and, of course, hardwood floors in a wide variety of textures, colors, and styles.

Incorporating different flooring themes and designs into a modern home

Having different types of flooring installed throughout the house helps to make each room unique, and is easy to accomplish with so much variety in flooring available. Coordinating flooring, particularly if the home’s floor-plan is open, is a good idea, and finding unique and beautiful ways to blend different types of flooring while maintaining the individual style of the various rooms is simple if a few guidelines are kept in mind.

When it comes to choosing flooring for the kitchen, durability and ease of maintenance are the primary considerations. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home so having quality flooring that will stand up to high foot-traffic is essential. Linoleum is always a popular choice for the kitchen since it lasts well under extreme conditions, resists staining, and is easy to clean and maintain. Tile and laminate flooring are also popular options.

BELMONT Restaurant in Paris


The BELMONT is owned by Alfred Bernardin, who also owns the popular Renoma Café Gallery. For the décor of his second restaurant, Alfred Bernardin and his team have chosen an original ‘mix and match’ theme, combining different styles and materials to achieve a unique and innovative result. Decidedly singular, this new Parisian restaurant stands out for its unconventional style, breaking all the rules with its mix of vintage with contemporary.

Student Housing for the University of Southern Denmark / by C.F. Møller


The design of the new student housing for the University of Southern Denmark in Odense is based on a strong community spirit. The 250 student residences are located in three interconnected 14-storey buildings. This means that the residence has no front or back, but appears attractive from a 360-degree perspective. The building’s distinctive shape will make it easily recognizable on the campus, and clearly advertises its distinct residential content.