Be Proud Of Your Bachelor Pad With These Essentials

937-01_09_sc_v2com Your bachelor pad says a lot about your personality. Apart from having great shoes, clothes and appearance, you should also place emphasis on your home. Here are some tips and essentials for creating a great bachelor pad.

1. Lights
Depending on the time of the day, or mood of visiting company, the light levels need to vary. For convenience, you should install lightning that can be pulled up or down. Without having to break the bank, you can get some dimmers at affordable prices.

2. Artwork
You should consider getting a few pieces of artwork. You can go for an accent, poster, antique or a frame containing a historic design. Artwork should personalize your space, and give life to the ambience. Guests would enjoy looking at these pieces.

3. An equipped and clean bathroom
The walls of your shower should be clean. A small basket should be placed where trash such as toilet rolls can be disposed. The bath rug should be washed properly, because if moisture builds up, the color would wear off. The bathroom can be equipped with shaving supplies, good quality hand wash, and a modern mirror.

4. Entertainment
You should consider getting a Home Theater system as friends are going to watch sports, or music has to be played on a party. It doesn’t have to be too expensive. You can create a track of latest hits, and also consider adding a video game console such as the newly released Wii U for some physical fun.

5. Rack
You can go for Vodka and Whiskey on the rack. These two can be mixed with soda water and other beverages easily. Red wine can also be considered. Root beer is also an option, and it’s ideal to have cranberry juice.

6. Stocked fridge
With the wine and beer placed on the rack, your fridge is going to have ample space. You can have food from different food groups. This will make you a great host, as you would have different food options available for the visitors.

7. Pool (table)
Having a pool can make your bachelor pad stand out from the rest. It’s a great way to entertain the guest as well. A simple green pool table with a classic wood frame would be an ideal choice. There are pools with metallic frames available as well, but nothing beats the good old wood.

By considering these essentials, you can spice up your bachelor pad and be proud of it.

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