Leyteire Courtyard / by Debarre Duplantiers Associés Architecture & Paysage

Cour Leyteire  Leyteire Square  / by Debarre Duplantiers Associés  Architecture & Paysage
© Arthur Péquin

The historical centre of Bordeaux University sets a new beginning : the Opération Campus begins with urban design at its heart. These spaces are currently closed, intended solely for receiving deliveries, however the project intends to turn them into a lively heart of the University, where intermingling can take place. The initial meaning of “campus” can be retrieved through an intense central green space.

© Arthur Péquin

This series of courtyards becomes a network of interactive spaces, as well as a part of the city : a number of facilities animate the center of the square (museum, café , amphitheaters) and contribute to its urban value. The addition of planted elements lends a human scale to the existing hardscape by providing shade, delineating paths, and acting to filter air, sound, and light that enters the space.

© Arthur Péquin

This, in turn, combats the Urban Heat Island Effect, providing more pleasant interior spaces during the hot summer months.

In plan, a certain hierarchy is established between the wide-open center, and more intimate spaces along the space’s edges. This variety of spaces invites a wide range of activities common for a university campus, from eating lunch in the sun, to meeting with colleagues and professors, to hosting celebrations and festivals.

© Arthur Péquin

Project’s name : Leyteire Courtyard
Adress : Rue Leyteire / Rue Broca, Victor Segalen University – Bordeaux
Brief : exterior spaces
Client : “Opération Campus” – Bordeaux University
Architects : Anouk Debarre landscape architect, Martin Duplantier architect, Yon Anton Olano light design
Completion : 2012
Area : 1 900 sqm of concrete, 450 sqm of green area
Vegetation : Judea trees, camellia, chamaerops Humilis, arbours, choisya ternata, cornus – kousa
Construction : grounds in poured-in-place concrete. Pre-cast concrete furniture.
Materials : grounds in coloured concrete, with either broomed or desactivated finish with a 3cm stone mix.
Wooden stage and steps in limestone.
Grey concrete furniture. Water table in dark grey polished concrete.
Construction Cost : 0,9 M€

Web: www.debarreduplantiers.com
Source: v2com.biz