Giving Gifts Of Interior Designs

Interior design is something most people have at least a casual interest in. Even if the interest only concerns one room in a home, it seems everyone wants to have a say in the décor and design elements used. This fact opens the door to unique gift opportunities. All you need to know is the type of design style a person likes. From there you can easily find gifts that will be appreciated.

Modern Designs

Modern interior designs are often referred to as ‘contemporary style’. The spaces are characterized with clean lines that combine a look of sophistication with comfort. The overall appearance of modern designs conveys a sense of freshness and orderliness. In many instances neutral colors are used with splashes of bolder colors for accent.

Accessories are kept to the minimum as contemporary looks should not be cluttered. Metal is a great choice for accent pieces and artwork. The metal creates a sleek look that blends perfectly with contemporary furniture. Wood is another option for modern interior designs. In general, the wood should either be very dark or very light in tone.

If you are shopping for someone that has a preference for modern designs you may want to consider giving accent pieces in metal or wood. For example, wooden or metal picture frames, lamps, sculptures, fountains, or flower pots would be excellent choices.

Rustic Designs

Natural hues and rustic materials instill a rustic or cabin-like feel into a space. This can be accomplished in any type of home; however, it is especially appropriate for lake homes and log cabin homes. Exposed wood beams can add to this type of décor. Other rustic design elements may include exposed brick or impressive fireplaces and mantels.

Cabin décor is often highlighted with bursts of colors in decorator pillows and rugs. Rustic accent items include wooden candle holders, picture frames, or lamps that have a hand-hewn look about them.

Eclectic Designs

People that decorate in an eclectic style decorate according to what they like. In other words, they do not strive for a look that is matched throughout a space; they may use a rustic designed table next to a Victorian chair or a sleek lamp may be place on top of a traditional style mantel. Even so, this is a true decorating style and the design is thought out. The overall appearance of the space will be cohesive.

This is accomplished through the use of colors, textures, or shapes. In some ways this type of decorating is more difficult than others. It is based on a collection of items that seem unrelated but that can work together. With that in mind, if you will be shopping for a decorative piece for someone that prefers eclectic design you should determine what it is that ties all the elements together for them. Look for a common color or design element and then choose an accent piece accordingly.

It is always important to consider the design style preferred by the recipient. This added effort will be worthwhile; it will provide the information you need to purchase interior design pieces that will be memorable gifts that will be used for years.

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