Oliva / by Boué Arquitectos

Boué Architects team, led by Gerardo Boué, Oliva project development, a concept Deli-restaurant and wine shop specializing in gourmet and kosher food, which is located in Bosques de las Lomas. The development of the project is over 3 floors, the basement where the wineries, the first level where the restaurant and deli located and the second level where the kitchen was installed and inaugurated in December 2011.

The first level is a generous and ample space in which the feature was one of the most important factors. The space is expanded with two terraces, one in front and one in the back. We used recycled building poles for the walls, polished concrete floor and the ceiling was painted black. All facilities are exposed and combined with the number of decorative elements creating a general atmosphere cozy and eclectic.

For the furniture is also made a nice combination of two types of chairs, one of which is the Navy that is made from recycled pet. Were placed a couple of chairs and type empire and Chester playing with shapes carved mirrors, lamps, contemporary design, graphics mosaics and marble of Carrara.

Proyect name: Oliva

Boué Arquitectos
Gerardo Boué
Agustín Funcia

Private work : Oscar Juárez

Photos: Boué Arquitectos

Web: www.boue.com.mx