WAF 2012 Winner ‘New and Old’ : Plaza España in Adeje, Spain / by Menis Arquitectos

Plaza España in Adeje, Spain, designed by Menis Arquitectos, has won the new and old category. It was, said the judges, ‘a transformative project that uses the removal of buildings to open up an enlarged public plaza to an incredible landscape.

‘The addition of a small, underground museum adds to the surprise and unique understanding of how to activate a new public amenity – but more importantly it defines a new way for the town to appreciate its own identity and context, away from its role as a tourist destination.’

Plaza España in Adeje, Spain / by Menis Arquitectos

They emphasised that it was a bold response that ‘allowed the ‘un-obvious to become the obvious solution’.

Category: New and Old
Project: Plaza España in Adeje, Spain
Architect: Menis Arquitectos

Source: v2com.biz
web: www.worldarchitecturefestival.com

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