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Archive for September, 2012

Skyview Residential Complex Common Areas, Mexico City / by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea

This project was for the design of the common areas of the residential complex Skyview located in Colonia del Valle in Mexico City. The spaces are: lobby, gym, children area, SPA, swimming pool and general circulations. The result maintains the contemporary atmosphere of all the complex, but with special elements for each area to create the individual functionality of each one.

Natural materials such as marble, stone and wood were used in the lobby to generate a monochromatic ambiance in which the individual characteristics of each material stand out. The marble vein generates a pattern that gives accent to the furniture and contrast to the plafond. The representative elements in this space are the reception bar that was done in single piece of black limestone and the receptions back wall where the mail boxes for each department are located. The lighting design for this area was done with indirect light with some suspended and standing lamps to enhance the warmth.

Daeyang Gallery and House wins 2012 LEAF Award / by Steven Holl Architects

The recently completed Daeyang Gallery and House in Seoul has been named Mixed-Use Building of the Year in the 2012 Emirates Glass LEAF Awards.

About the Daeyang Gallery and House, the jury said, it is “an intriguing combination of commercial and living accommodation on a grand scale.” Both levels of the structure were given their own identity, they said, “through the use of color, form and contrasting materials pristinely detailed.”

The Daeyang Gallery and House, which opened in June 2012, was inspired by a 1967 sketch for a music score by composer Istvan Anhalt called “Symphony of Modules.” The gallery and house is a composition in sequential movement. Three pavilions—one for entry, one residence, and one event space—appear to push upward from a continuous gallery level below. A reflecting pool, which simultaneously separates and connects the pavilions, establishes the plane of reference from above and below.

Facecity, C+S Contribution to the Venice Biennale

The pavillon Facecity in the Biennale 2012, Common Ground, gives form to the idea of the curator, Fulvio Irace, of continuity in architecture. Reconsidering the architecture of Milan in the Fifties and Sixties, where architects, belonging to different generations and with different positions, built the identity of the city without giving up their personal poetics.

The central topic of this thought is the façade, commented by Alberto Savinio in Ascolto il tuo cuore città, 1945: …On the façade of buildings is not only written their date of birth, but also written the moods, the manners, the most secret thoughts of their time…, together with the flat window, theorized by Gio Ponti as the way to shape modernity.

University of Aberdeen New Library / by schmidt hammer lassen architects

© Adam Mørk

On September 24th 2012, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain marks the official opening of the University of Aberdeen New Library in Scotland. The building, won in an architectural competition in 2005 by schmidt hammer lassen architects, is replacing the University’s former library from 1965 – the Queen Mother Library.
The 15,500 m² new library, which provides a 21st century learning and research environment for students, university staff, visitors and the public, is a positive example of how architecture can make a difference. Since the building was put into service in September 2011, the statistics have shown a significant increase in the use of the library, and more than 700,000 visitors have entered the building this first year of operation.

“The University of Aberdeen New Library functions as a meeting place and a cultural centre for the students of the University as well as the Aberdeen community. The façade of the building shimmers during the day and glows softly at night, creating a luminous landmark – a beacon – for the city of Aberdeen,” said Morten Schmidt, Founding Partner of schmidt hammer lassen architects, and he continued: “The increase in visitors shows that the new library has affected the students’ everyday behaviour. The students come to study in the new library and to be a part of the social community of the University.”

INTERCAM, Mexico City / by SPACE

© Huguette Ampudia

The design concept for the INTERCAM offices is based on providing customers with an atmosphere of solidity and reliability with a fun atmosphere inside while still capturing the essence of the bank. The project, located in the Lago Zurich building in Plaza Carso, consists of 3,800 m2, on two floors.

The public floor is a fundamental element of the project since it has a spacious reception area, meeting rooms for customers and meeting rooms for suppliers, canteens for customers and a currency exchange service counter. It should be noted that the customer canteens were designed to make the customer feel that they are eating in the comfort of someone’s home. Details like the marble wall with the logo, the granite floor in the reception area and the lattice wall in reception, give the space a sense of seriousness while also capturing the cheerfulness of the bank.

Stedelijk Museum opened by the Queen

On Saturday 22 September the renovated and extended Stedelijk Museum will be officially opened by Queen Beatrix.

(Amsterdam) The new levitated superstructure contains exhibition space, a restaurant, a shop and the new entrance. Arup is responsible for the structural design and the lighting design. Designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, the new building, popularly called ‘the Bath Tub’, adds over 9,000m2 to the historic museum building. This includes programme space as well as 3,400m2 of exhibition space. There is an area located in the basement which is suitable for many forms of contemporary art, being free from daylight.

Best Collaboration Award for schmidt hammer lassen architects and the City of Aarhus

schmidt hammer lassen architects and the City of Aarhus have been selected to receive a Best Collaboration Award 2012 for their extensive cooperation in creating the largest public library in Scandinavia: Urban Mediaspace. The Best Collaboration Award, an EU-initiative, rewards the best examples of collaboration between partners from the creative industries sector and local governments in the North Sea Region of the European Union.

The jury has selected the team behind the Urban Mediaspace project because of the broad and intensive collaboration process between the municipality, the architects, the citizens and future users. According to the jury report, “the intensive implication of citizens will be positive for the further development of the library as a public space for information and exchange of ideas.”

Your Bedroom Makeover at Your Price and Pace

Rearranging the bedroom freshens up its look, but you’re moving around the same tired furniture. Hanging up new curtains just feels like a cosmetic fix. You’re proud of your DIY talents, so stop pushing and draping. Update the entire room, or give it a modern feel with a few new pieces.

Bedroom Sets Aren’t Budget Busters

Shopping at traditional furniture stores is a good start. You can feel the materials, snuggle on the mattress and kick the night stands. Visit a showroom, and browse your favorite brand names. However, if you buy from these retail outlets, the cost of your new bedroom includes their rent and overhead.

Take your decisions home, shop smart, and do a little research online. For example, bedroom sets at Home Furniture Mart sell for a fraction of the retail price, and they offer free delivery and premium customer service. You really can afford a new bedroom.

Add On Contemporary Compliments

If replacing your entire bedroom is more of a plunge than you’re ready to take, take it easy by swapping out a few pieces at a time. New night stands are an inexpensive start and bring a modern look to the room with crisp, clean lines. Adding a sleek, paneled headboard transforms your old bed into a chic centerpiece. A bench at the foot of the bed is an old idea, but with updated looks, it’s a smart and practical addition to your renovation scheme.

Start small, think big, and add one piece at a time.

Make the Materials Modern

You’re the designer on this project, and you want a contemporary look. Think outside the traditional, wooden-box styles in your bedroom. You can refinish furniture, update walls and surfaces and add small pieces with big, new looks. Here’s a short list for inspiration:

Mirror-paneled accents on headboards add light and drama to your bedroom. Sleek, plastic bookcases bring a clean line to modern decoration. Metal highlights are bright, crisp and perfect for lamps or frames and wall hangings. Deep, lacquered finishes on wood surfaces add a classy touch and bring style to any piece. Taking the DIY approach to your bedroom makeover is affordable and flexible. You can complete the project with a smart shopping trip online, or you can take your time and add a few new pieces to suit your budget. Contemporary chic is easy, especially when you do it to suit yourself.