ILO Polanco in Mexico City / by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea

Balance between the new image and the concept, in a modern and innovative design, are also the elements for the interior design project for the Polanco store ILÓ. The idea comes from the use of the hank of yarn as the design element of a cozy, classic and very elegant space. Being a retail store that sells home high end products the color palette selected was earth, to harmonize and enhance the quality and warmth of the products.

© Jaime Navarro

The cash-register area was located at the center of the space, taking advantage of the continuity to the second level by the double height, a big wall, covered in Venetian glass is also part of the composition. The materials modulation marked the sense of the entire space, playing with the horizontal and vertical lines and their correspondent intersections. The resulting inner space generated gave place to the location of the displays. The more attractive feature of this store is the double heights that enhance the modulation of the display furniture.

© Jaime Navarro

To make a more attractive tour inside the store the display furniture has the same height. A single module was designed for the display furniture that is piled according to the needs. Two finishes were selected for this module: natural and lacquered to enrich the texture. Tile and laminated floors, Venetian tiles and paint accomplished the right atmosphere for this shopping experience.

Location: Mexico City
Year: 2010

Interior design:
ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea
Arq. José Lew Kirsch
Arq. Bernardo Lew Kirsch

Arq. Oscar Sarabia
Arq. Jonathan Herrejón
Arq. Adrián de Lucio
Beatriz Canuto

Photography: Jaime Navarro