Puerta Alameda Building, México City / by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

The renovation of the down town areas in important big cities is a phenomena that has been giving new life for the inhabitants and visitors, as well as opportunities to architects around the world. Mexico City is no different and for the last 10 years had been working in the rescue of this ancestral and extraordinary area.

Puerta Alameda Building, México City / by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
© Pedro Hiriart

The skyline throughout the city is mainly flat, as there is not a saturation of skyscrapers. The area surrounding the oldest park in Mexico City suffered terrible damage after the 1985 earthquake and now it is filling with important new buildings like the one designed by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos in association with Desarrolladora del Parque.

Puerta Alameda Building, México City / by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
© Pedro Hiriart

Puerta Alameda is a residential building that was constructed in three phases. The whole project was conceived as a result of the architectural lines characteristic of the area. Mexico City´s down town is a reflection of the more than 500 years of culture and architecture that have predominated the zone. The first phase is a 16 level building with a total of 80 apartments with commercial premises on the ground floor combined with a 10 level parking building that already existed in the lot and was just remodeled and reinforce for the new use.

The second phase is an 18 level building with 2 underground levels for parking. And the third phase is a 18 and a half levels building with a total of 395 apartments. The privileged location of Puerta Alameda had turned this residential unit in a place ideal for business travelers that attend meetings and events down town. Surrounded by mayor public transportation and important museums and cultural activities it is also a perfect place for travelers interested in discovering the roots of the city.

Project: Puerta Alameda
Location: México, D.F.

Architectonic Project

Design Team
Arq. Juan Pablo Serrano O.
Arq. Rafael Monjaraz F.
Arq. Enrique Macotela

Year: 2006
Area: 6,818 m2
Construction: 78,675.90 m2

Estacionamiento: 13,385 m2

Fase 1: 7,119.09 m2
Fase 2: 17,985.84 m2
Fase 3: 40,185.93 m2

Constructor: Desarrolladora del Parque
Lighting: Brimare S.A de C.V
Interiors: Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Photography: Pedro Hiriart

Web: www.serranomonjaraz.com

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