Jaso Restaurant / by Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

© Pedro Hiriart

Mexico City is very well known for its restaurant culture. The Polanco area -where most of the five and more stars hotels and fashion shops are located- have seen the blossoming of very interesting epicurean proposals. In this same area Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos were asked to develop the interior design for a new restaurant. The Chefs and owners of Jaso come from New York and they wanted to imprint their expertise and savoire flare not only through the food, but also in the interior design and atmosphere of this global restaurant.

Step by step the concept was designed based on the sensorial elements: fire, air, water and sound. The materials are the key element of the whole design and play a very important role in this project, wood, marble and iron are mixed in different combinations in search for a very natural and elegant atmosphere. The clients are greeted at the reception with a big tree trunk that was rescued and incorporated into the layout.

© Pedro Hiriart

Being a former house from the late 40s, the project had to be adapted to fit this two level construction. In the ground floor there is a lounge and bar area used both for reception and for the clients that only stop for drinks. After, a big double height salon is founded and ends in a fantastic interior garden. This ample dinning room has a very warm atmosphere created by the combination of zebra wood covering walls and mahogany wood on the ceiling. For the floors a very interesting combination of stone and wood was achieved.

At the back of the main floor the kitchen is located. This creative area has state-of-the-art kitchen equipment for the Chefs to work and perform according to their very high standards. The kitchen is a complete experience with all the modern appliances and the artisan touch.

© Pedro Hiriart

A metal plated and glass staircase leads our way to the second level. There is a private salon inside of the cellar and an area designed for private events. These areas end in an spectacular terrace surrounded by flowerpots with an sculpture fountain made of 4,289 pieces of silica sand. The pieces form columns that are submerged in water and are followed by a rosemary wall. The resulting combination of elements in the terrace is a first class ticket to serenity and an invitation for the clientele to enjoy the sun, moon and stars.


Interior Design: Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco
Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2006
Photography: Pedro Hiriart

Web: www.serranomonjaraz.com

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